Saturday, July 14, 2012

Girls Camp...

The Theme for Girls camp this year was 
"Arise, Oh the places you'll go!"
It was a fun theme for camp and the focus was to help the youth camp leaders to teach the young women about how the decisions we make now affect us in the future... so if we rely on God in all of those decisions, He will help us in a capacity we may have never known, and take us to places we never imagined we could go!
I found this sugar cookie recipe and thought it was SOOOO Dr. Suess!  So I took some up as a treat for the campers.
The ride up was beautiful!!

The YCL's gave me a tour of camp... Oh what a great job they did on incorporating the theme.
They said skit night was a big hoot with all the "who hair"!!
So funny!

Some girls were making there Dr. Suess necklaces in the cabin before dinner.
They let me make one, and I got Cat in the Hat... but I also really loved the Thing 1 and Thing 2, or One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish!!  So fun, and super cute!!

One of my councelors... she took over the food this year!!
Amazing, great food and under budget!!
I love her so much (not just for the under budget part hehehe).

A funny story:  When we were planning before camp, and discussing "the places we could go",  we talked about The Temple of course, and one of the leaders asked if it had to be spiritual places or if it could be places like "the hood"... we all looked at her with ??? on our faces... she said "you know Mother-hood".
We laughed so hard! 
A great place to go!!!  For sure!!!!
But I had never heard of it referred to as "the mother HOOD".
Welcome to the hood!

This is these 3 sisters last time with us, before they move to Nevada.  We will miss them, but KNOW what a great asset they are taking into their new ward!!  What a lucky ward!!

Homemade Rootbeer!!!

Who Shoes!!!
(used for mailboxes, one of the yw made them for a personal progress project and the campers decorated them as an activity at family night on Monday)

And this year we were able to afford a tshirt for keepsake for each of the campers.
The YCL's were Thing 1, and the campers were Thing 2...
It's a young women thing for sure!!!
I love girls camp!!


Travis and Jana said...

Ahhhh . . . seeing so many familiar faces makes me miss home SO much! I miss familiar faces!
It looks like girls camp was a lot of fun. I love the Dr. Seuss theme! So fun!

Beth said...

Jana great to see your post! Can't wait to read about your "landing" in AZ! We miss seeing you so much... feeling the loss around the ward. But thinking of you tons!! Hugs, Beth

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