Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Weekend...

We had such a nice weekend.
It started off at the Temple Friday night, we went to seal some ancestors as families for time and all eternity.  Very special.

Saturday we fed the sister missionaries.  Super fun to have Sisters serving in our area now.  I can get missionary hugs!!  So I started cooking and it was making me feel like I used to when we would have family over for Easter lunch.  It was always my favorite holiday to invite family over for.  Well I kept cooking and I got a little carried away, so it was quite a feast, that the two of us will be eating on all week.

And (you better sit down for this announcement) my Strong Silent Mysterious Man put together my raised garden bed!!  I have been waiting for a long time, and the scrap wood he drug home to use has been in the back yard for 3 years now.  I still have to get the dirt in it, I know I shouldn't be too proud just yet, that could take another 3 years, but I hope not.  The funny thing is when he got started on it in the morning, he first layed all the wood out in the area I wanted it placed.  Then came in and took a nap, ha ha ha (I thought it was all over).  Then later in the day he went back out and it took him all of about 10 min. to put it together!  I think the build up was overwhelming for him.  He even kicked the dogs out of the back yard because they were getting in the way.  That's where the mysterious part comes in I suppose?  Or is he just really focused?

At any rate, I have a raised garden bed, or if the dirt never arrives it is about the same size as a coffin (you know if a girl has to make lemonade out of lemons... Pictures will come later, when it looks less like a coffin and more like a raised garden).

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