Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Bird Stop...

A couple of recent date nights this month have been 
spent at a brand new business The Bird Stop in Caldwell.
It's a growing coffee house with pastries and fruit now, but hoping to grow to add a kitchen and serve pizza.
We got started by an invitation by one of the kids in our youth group at church to come listen to a jam night where he was playing.  

Well my strong silent mysterious man ended up knowing allot of the music crowd that frequents the place now... and I fell in love with their smoothies and will just about follow him anywhere.

Our first night it was threatening rain, so the bands all squished into a standing room only space.

Still lots of fun, and for ALL ages!  Obviously... but I promise we were not the oldest ones there either time :)
Our next trip, the weather was nice and they have an outdoor back patio that's adjacent to Indian Creek.  
Great Location, Music, atmosphere and company!
If you live here, go check it out on their facebook page and just go see for yourself.... if you don't live here, come see us and we'll take you out for my new favorite green apple caramel smoothie!  Or I hear the banana strawberry is to die for too!!
We really try to support our local businesses... this one will be an easy target!  I will be sure and post if my strong silent mysterious man ends up on stage for a jam night session :)
Good luck Bird Stop, were rooting for ya!

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