Sunday, December 29, 2013

We Moved....

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Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Wow another year has gone by... it's my blogaversary again.  It started back in 2007 and I am sooo glad I have been able to keep it going (kind of).

I will be the first to admit the past two years have been the hardest.  I think I have been in survival mode.  Just one day at a time, and each day has brought blessings, so blog worthy, but yet again so personal, almost too personal to put into words.

And time, my time has just been devoted to living, not so much blogging about living, hey it takes time to upload photos and have quiet time to post.  

I have filled my quiet time with other really good things.  But I don't want to quit, I still want to blog, it just all about figuring out that balance for me.

Its good, its not perfect, but my heart is joyful and my mind is at peace with it all.
Happy Blogaversary to me!
And a big shout out to my SIL for helping to get me started, and showing me how to keep taking one step in front of the other.
By Small and Simple, great things really do come to pass.

Speaking of growth... A garden update.
Some accidental flowers made it in a side planter, and a few cilantro twigs surviving.
A ball squash plant, great leaves and flowers...
And a glimmer of hope of produce on the horizon.
Strawberries are blooming and putting off one or two strawberries a week, but the squirrels get to them quicker than I can.
Most of the pepper plants survivied, unlike the broccoli which we lost all of those seeds in the heat.
It hasn't taking much effort, just lots and lots and lots of patience.
Only tiny glimpses of peppers.
The flower buds look like they might turn to peppers, but will it happen before the frost?  That is the BIG question.
The tomato plants keep getting bigger, we tied up the ones that grew outside of the cages.   And their is some fruit, but again.... will it grow and turn color before frost.  I suppose there is still time.
I have just been ready.  For a while now.
I can't wait to see what these stripped ones turn out like.
I can say it's going great if you are happy with one cherry tomato a week.  I ate the first red one last week and this one is almost ready with two more behind it that should turn 4-5 days later at this rate.  
A salad it does not make... but they do taste better than anything you can buy in the store.
If you only want a taste.
The watermelon plants are alive, but that's really all I can report.
I started them from seeds too, so they are doing much much better than the broccoli so far!!
Can you say watermelon in December?
For my very first attempt, I am not dissappointed.
If I get anything out of it, it's already better than last year.
The wood chips on top are key, I have not had one weed to pull and it keeps the soil moist so Im not having to water every day even in 100 + heat.  I don't know if that's normal, but its nice for a beginner.

I will keep at it, and maybe by the time the missionary comes home we will have something more to show for it.

Oh yeah, we got his return date August 29th!!!!!
Beyond excited!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Now I gotta get a farmers tan!

This is a big event at my house!!!
The Strong Silent Mysterious Man finished the raised bed.
With lots of help from the BFF!!
That's why we call him the BFF.
(That and these two spend more time 
talking on the phone than most girls)

I tried to wait until Mothers day, but I had time off of work this week, so I got a few plants in.


And a couple different kinds of tomatoes.
And I added the burl wood... it's a work in progress, but this was a place to start.

I found some mulch in Black... I almost got kind of excited about mulch!  It just fit me so much better than brown or red.
I'm thinking the front boards should be adorned with some wood burning art....
Feeling a Northwest - y theme!

Thanks Honey for my raised garden bed!!
I love it!!  Next year I'll need two more pleeeese :)

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