Wednesday, January 7, 2009

SPT ~ I resolve to take more self portraits


I am not a fan of self portraits for a few reasons, but I am older and wiser enough to realize that there are great benefits for taking them now for when I am yet more older and more wise. So I reluctantly continue to take them.
Today the temperatures have warmed up to 44 degrees, which means I will finally be able to get out and do some errands... get the late birthday packages to the post office, the bank, get my hair cut, get ink for the printer, and work on the lists I have been creating while stuck at home these past couple of days.
As I tried to sleep last night, I thought I was having a heart attack... my chest was tight, and I was aching on my left side. So scary, but it didn't really hurt, just very annoying. This morning I could recognize it was my muscles, because I could hardly move... WHAT? I have been focusing on my Wii Fit, doing yoga and strength training and aerobics but to be this sore??? Crazy!!! But cool!!!
Then I mentioned it to my strong silent mysterious man and he reminded me it was probably from the snow shoveling.
Of course!
But all my hopes and dreams that I could be getting really fit from a game - dashed!


Thompson7 said...

I'm sure it was the wii fit! ;)
Have fun running your errands!

Lindsey said...

I just bought a Wii fit and they are so much fun but man I am sore!! I am sure it was the wii fit for you too!! :)

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