Tuesday, February 10, 2009

SPT ~ I think it would be romantic...

"I think it would be romantic..."

I am really far right on the romantic scale, while my strong silent mysterious man is on the other end of the spectrum with the left feet of romance... so this spt was hard for me. I often find myself dreaming of romantic trips in exotic places, but the reality is, if I want to go there, he won't be with me. So I try and stay grounded and think of ways to be romantic in places and doing things he would love.

Since I was struggling with this... I asked him to fill in the blank.
He didn't come up with anything at first... then when we stopped by Mickey D's for dinner with 400 screamin' youngins' for half price happy meal night (perfect killer to any romantic thoughts I might have been having... jk, it was too fun watching all the little kids and literally hundreds of happy meals... a great entertaining date night); he pulls my camera out of my purse and takes this photo and says
"I think it would be romantic... if you paid for dinner all the time"
Somehow, just that he was willing to participate in spt with me (including taking the spontaneous photo), was really romantic!

You gotta love it when the strong silent ones are good sports too!
So mine is...
"I think it would be romantic... if you wrote a song for me"

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