Tuesday, February 12, 2008

SPT ~ Self Portrait Tuesday ~ Love, me

SPT ~ Love, me

I went to a meeting for one of my clients this morning, and there were insurance agents from various companies there. To start off the meeting, the President asked everyone to go around the room and introduce themsleves, and tell what their Valentines Day plans were, so in case someone had a better idea than his, he still had time to change his plans and really make a hit with his wife for Valentines Day. He was teasing around about it, but really did want everyone to share their plans.
I was one of 3 women in a room filled with men, and it was very interesting to hear of their plans... It was everything from one end of the spectrum to the other...
one man had started 4 weeks ago and has taken his wife to take salsa dance lessons together and he is taking his her out dancing and dinner. And another man who said "oh yeah, I should start thinking about something for that night huh" (this is probably closer to where my man falls on the spectrum). And pretty much everything inbetween... weekend away without kids, dinner with kids, chocolate, and flowers.
I was trying to think back on Valentines Days past, and I can only remember three of them in my whole life.
1) 1983 My Dad gave me a pink heart stone necklace, that meant the world to me.
2) 2003 My Man and I were dating again long distance, and I made this frame for him with pictures of the 3 of us over the years doing things together.

3) 2007-My Man brought home in a brown paper sack, a candle for Valentines Day. It was really one of his most thoughtful gifts, because I LOVE candles!! (it came from the store where he buys his worms for fishing... so I was especially relieved when I opened the bag not to find worms for him to take me fishing... which would have been closer to his "norm".)

They are all beautiful memories for me, but I was surprised how the holiday didn't have more of an impact on me than that, because it is not one I remember much about once it has passed.

These are the only decorations I have for Valentines Day... the picture frame I made, two candles holders with red on them, and the cutest Valentine card and picture we got from my Neices and Nephews last year.

So I was thinking for this challenge, I would write a letter to my family and tell them all the things I love about each of them, and about us as a family to frame and have to refer to when we can't get through one verse of the hymn "Love One Another".

Then I will sign it.... LOVE, ME

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