Friday, December 30, 2011

Eagle Scout Court of Honor

 The missionary will be so happy and excited about this ceremony!
 Two of his best est friends!!

What an honor to report to him in the mission field 
of this beautiful night with his buddies 
who will all be able to sit in the Eagles Nest together now.

P.S.  We love them to pieces too!  We hardly have a memory of scouting that doesn't include the two of them.

Family Night (day) fun!

Yes, this is my Strong Silent Mysterious Man.
No, that is not his new shot gun.
Can you say paint gun wars?

We went out to the farm to see his BFF and maybe 
shoot the new shot gun. 
And ended up in the middle of some major paint gun fun.
First you gather and gear up.
Make teams and then head out to the creative make shift course.
There's strategy and sleek maneuvering involved.
 And then you conquer and and return and report. 
 There is no age limit.
Miss KimberJo-... can you say fearless? 

 No Rachel a ponytail is not required... but it sure is cute :)
I guess if you can lift it you can shoot it.

Thanks for sharing your passion Derek... now my Strong Silent Mysterious Man thinks he needs his own gun.... argh, argh, argh!

And after the war, it must be a requirement to stand around the fire and talk about your strategy and sleek or not so sleek maneuvering!

It seems the newest bride is not afraid to take down her man in short order.  I love a girl who can play with the boys and win.
So much fun!
We love you guys, and are so grateful for always including 
us in all your family fun :)
  Oh and if you can't seem to stay warm enough by the fire, 
you can always suck up the heat rising from the car motor through the hood vents...
And for some side entertainment... maybe there is a dog inside said warm hooded vehicle that you could stick your little Kitty Kat paw inside the slightly cracked window to tease and torment her!

Monday, December 26, 2011

2011 Christmas with the Dayleys

 Christmas Day the Missionaries in the area came over for lunch and to call or skype home.
 It was a great gift for us to enjoy them for the day.
 It really was sweet to be able to watch teenage boys eat and play when we were missing ours so much.
 Our hearts were really full, we laughed and played with them, it was really a special gift for us.
 They loved playing Rook.
 And they played music...
 An Elder from Samoa graced us with some music from his home.

click here to see video of Elder Matavau playing guitar

You send one missionary out and the Lord blesses you with four more... yep that is how His love works.
God is Good!
Merry Christmas from the Dayleys!!

The Christmas Phone call...

We talked to the missionary!
 It was so good to hear his voice. 
Can you tell by the big smiles on our faces?
At first he sounded like he was crying, and really tender, but then as we asked him to tell us about things he got so excited to share, and talked a million miles an hour.
It was sweet.
He sounds a little more mature.
He LOVES the people in San Pedro.
He shared some of his struggles he has had, but he also shared how he got through them, and he is growing.
It hurt to hear when things were hard, but it was so sweet to hear when the Lord heard his prayers and his testimony was increased when they were answered.
We miss him so much! 
But our cups are full again, I hope it holds us out until the next phone call on Mothers Day!
It was hard to say goodbye again, but these are tears of joy, 
or that's what I keep telling myself.

2011 Christmas Morning...

Christmas morning.  We finally pass the "waking up with excited children at 4am baton".
We slept in until the dogs pestered us out of bed at 7:30am.
It was nice.
 Santa left a stocking for Jim with some guitar strings, guitar cleaner and his favorite caramel chocolates.
 And the dogs had a couple of stockings full of toys to share!
 They knew immediately they were for them.
 And took every single toy out to try them all out for play.
 And they played...
 And chewed....
 And ran...
 And played...

 Until we took them away... they would have kept playing all day!
 We had a couple of presents under the tree...
 My sis sent me some pearls that belonged to our grandfathers mom.
 Yep, I cried as I read how she wrote how much I was like her.  I remember her, she was a very gentle sweet grandmother.  What an honor to be told you are like someone you love.
Thanks Sis, those are really so special!
 Now one for you.... nice doo.
I see why he sticks to wearing hats all the time :)
 Lynn and Jerry always pick out the best cards.

 A new sweatshirt, yeah!
 It fits great.
 Silly gangsta...
 And one more...

 Pj's... perfect!  I needed some of these, they will come in handy in Jan.
 More playtime!!
 The Look...
It was a really nice fun, quiet Christmas morning.
Next we had some of the famous Blue Ribbon cinnamon and blueberry rolls... heavenly!!

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