Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Made my week...

We read this from Elder Dayley's missionary companion this week.  
Loved it, totally made my week!!

"Next thing on the list is that changes came and I am...............still in San Pedro!! I get to spend another 6 weeks here but that is way good by me because we have great things going on out here. I will most likely be here until the middle of March. I am also still with my little boy, Elder Dayley, and right now he is talking to a mob of little boys that are speaking to him in Guarani.  It’s pretty funny. Good thing we get along so well cause we will be together for quite a long time."

Some of the terms used in the mission field are "Green or Greeny" which is a brand new missionary.  
And when a missionary who has been serving (and has some experience usually) is partnered with a "greenie" they refer to them as their "son" (or little boy).  And the training missionary might be referred to as a "dad or father".  They don't really call each other by these names, but just use them as a reference.  Apparently all the missionaries know how hard it is to train a brand new missionary in the field and it would have some of the same challenges and rewards as being a parent (can you imagine the homesickness, fear etc. and then being with them when they overcome and are submersed in the work!!!! HARD, but sooo cool).

We are so grateful to be able to read letters and see pictures from Elder Dayley's companion.  He sounds like a wonderful teacher and has really set the tone for an awesome mission for our son.  They work hard, they get along together, they are very obedient to all of the rules and we have just been filled with abundant joy to experience the mission through their awesome example!!

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