Saturday, August 11, 2012

Blurrrrr Forward...

Blurrr forward another few weeks... yikes where is the time going?

Jim's Mom and Dad came to visit!!

Fun date night with the Ricks...  dinner and games.

Oh stop it, you LOVE Costco!

The Nike outlet... no he didn't buy them, just a teaser to send to the missionary for his weekly ribbing.  No it hasn't stopped yet!

One of the teenagers high school friends... he is living his passion as a firefighter, so good to see him.

It's HOT here!!

The kids had been playing in the mud...  I don't know if you can see, but they are covered!  ha ha ha
Youth group activity Fear/Faith Factor... fun as always.

I see some cool and not so cool things at work... so many I want to post about, but are not for the sqeamish.
I figured this one was okay...

A very cute tiny pink rubber hair band, not so cute inside a little girls nose :)
But he got it!!  See pretty cool, right?

Saw this in the store the other day... really we NEED 24 oz cans to Dew the Dew??

Morgan practicing her patience, and then "the snag it off my head trick".

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