Thursday, March 22, 2012

Look what I found at Walmart...

Rachel... look who I found at Walmart!
(Is this the cutest picture of them???  I love it, everyone's touching... at first the boys wanted to hide behind mom but they new with me, it was a futile effort ha ha ha.  I have a reputation with the camera... as any blogger should)
They are almost on their way... aren't you excited!!
I am excited for you guys, have a great week!

I will just put this out there, I did tear up a tiny bit before I left the store, there is nothing better than having your teenage son(s) with you to shop.  It seems like a pain at the time, with them grabbing junk food and throwing it into your basket (mostly because they are hard to say no to); but you miss them so much when those moments are passed.  So to my friends with teenage boys - treasure it up with ALL your heart!!  And to my older brothers-please take Mom to the store now and then... it's the best gift ever!!

And sorry to those who mean so much to me to keep having this cyber only relationship... but hey, it's better than nothing, right?

Lynn look what we have at our Walmart now!!!

I know, cool... right????
My sis used to pack these with her to Idaho because we couldn't find them.  Then we got them in Nampa, and now there here!
Lots of flavors to choose from and a good chip substitute without all the calories, they are something like 22 for 120 cal.
I am not sure about the jalapeno potato flavor though????

I grew up with Little Debbie oatmeal cakes at my grandparents house in SC... we couldn't get them on the west coast and we would wait all year to go visit them in the summer and Mama would always have them stocked up for us when we got there.

Well we are thrilled to have Little Debbie snacks and used to try all the new stuff that came out.  Nothing really comes close to the oatmeal cream cookies still today.  But Jacob loves the Cosmic Brownies.  So when I spotted them at Walmart today, I was thinking of him and how I could get some squished into his birthday package and still have them be edible when the arrived in Paraguay??? 

 Then I saw they have them in Kites... Lynn these are cool, right?
(her college sorority logo thingy was a kite)
 And who doesn't love her Easter Basket Cakes this time of year?
 Now they come in yellow tulips...
Pink Tulips...
 And butterflies... cool!!
I should have been a Little Debbie spokesperson :)
Nope I didn't buy not one box.... but I am sure I gained like 7 lbs. from taking all these pictures.

You complete me...

This week my strong silent mysterious man has worked allot of overtime.
We don't mind much, and are so grateful for the work.
But it does take some creative sacrifices to make sure we connect in our marriage and don't allow being so tired from responsibilities and obligations to come between us or begin to divide is in anyway.

Yep, its still allot of work even after all these years.

So Monday night is still our family night, we try to always dedicate special time to devote to what we need to strengthen our family on Monday.  We do it all week too, but if we get too, busy in our lives we always know we have Monday set aside to keep everything else out.

So this week, his work needed him, it was a hot rush job and the customer is always right... so he called me at work to give me heads up during the day. 
He knows how much I look forward to our family night together and knows I would be disappointed. 

So I prepared mentally, it was a long really hard day for me, so I got in my head I would get a redbox movie (I don't get many chick flicks anymore, so it was a perfect time to take advantage).
First I would need to go unlock the storage at the church, he is still in charge of the stake shed and someone needed to pick up chairs, and I am his back up if he can't be there.... then I made a couple of stops on my way home preparing for a night home alone... and got home, let the dogs out, fixed their dinner, got them fed and settled in for the night, then had just sat down with a chicken sammie and a diet coke watching the opening credits when my strong silent mysterious man called.  He was inviting me to come by his work.  He had to wait on a truck and was cleaning the shop and killing some time until the motor he was to work on arrived.

Hmmm... "I think I will just stay home" I told him.  We talked some more and he mentions a third time, "you could just stop by for a few minutes, since I won't be home before late and you will be in bed". 

So I can hear something in his voice he needed me, or wanted me there for some reason... and I felt very prompted to just go.  I offered to bring him dinner, but he didn't want anything... but asked if I would bring Taylor down to see him.
They have a thing when he comes home from work, it's cute, she dotes on him and we laugh at how she acts like she just can't get enough of him.  I figured he was missing that.
We should all be greeted this way upon return from a long day... but she saves it all up for him. Even if I get home first to rescue them from a long day home alone... she waits and dotes on him when he arrives like he is the one who saved her.
It's weird.

So I wrap up my dinner, put on a sweatshirt and slip on shoes, grab the dog and head to the shop.

When we get there he meets us at the car and seems so excited to see us.  I kind of know the feeling, I like it when he has an excuse to drop by my work for something.
He has a ball of shop rags taped up and plays catch with her for a couple of minutes.  And then we talk some more, but not about anything in particular.  He shows me some projects he has been working on, and then says "well I better get back to work, thanks for coming by to see me".

Wow, it was sweet, I could have stayed home.  But he wanted to see me (or maybe Taylor?).

It was only 2.4 miles, but by the time I got home, I was not in the mood for a movie, dinner was cold, my diet coke was diluted with melted ice.

But I am soooo glad I went.  I wouldn't have given that up for any amount of alone time.  He was so genuine, and made a special toy just for Taylor, We were on his mind.
I wouldn't give that up for the world.

Family, it's a sweet peaceful safe feeling to be loved and wanted and needed.  And it brings an indescribable joy that sometimes in our busy lives we forget to breath in... we take it for granted they will be there everyday.  Life is precious and sweet.
I love my strong silent mysterious man, he completes me!

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