Saturday, July 21, 2012

Family time...

The crazy whirlwind began Friday evening... the first carload with Brian and Laura and Jack arrived.  Mysteriously only leaving about 15 min. ahead of their parents snuck in more than 30 min. ahead of them (I won't say how much more).
It was the first time we have seen Jack Garrett since he returned from his mission in Brazil.  It was really really good to see him in person.  He was so sick, we prayed sooo much for his safe return and recovery.  A very sweet moment!

It was also the first time we have seen Laura and Brian since their wedding.  They are adorable and we are so excited to watch their little family grow.

Lucille, Tom, Wayne and Fred came to visit... I get so upset to think we only see them when someone comes from far away.
Life just keeps getting in the way, but we will keep trying to make that different, life is also very short and we have to make the most of every moment.

We were stuffed into our little house and instead of providing a cool oasis for their first stop, we faught to try and keep the heat at bay.  It was a hot day and not cooling down fast enough for me.
Could Chloe get any more beautiful??

Yay!  Hailey played for us... I LOVE hearing her play.
It wasn't enough for me... I need a CD!!!!
Or just some alone time with Hailey!!!
I might have to go kidnap her (shhhh).

Of course "Uncle Jim" wanted to show his new tv and we watched Megamind in 3D.  Not as fun with only two glasses, we will have to work on that so we can have a real movie night and invite friends.

This morning we got up early and Jim fixed his famous mountain man breakfast for them so they could get on the road early.
Trent didn't want to leave (a BIG tug at my heartstrings) he and Taylor made close friends quickly.  But I know as soon as he re-focuses on the final destination on the Oregon Coast we will be in his dust!  

It was a whirlwind, but soooo wonderful to see all of them.  I have a special place in my heart for this family and we love them to pieces.
Seaside or Bust!!

Friday, July 20, 2012


Ahhh... I love my time with Kate.
What am I going to do while she is off having her baby?
I am freaking out just a little.
But so excited for her.
She is expecting a little girl on September 25th.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Missionary birthday dinner...

We haven't had the missionaries over for so long...
It was super fun!

He wasn't much for blowing out his candle... I guess it's tougher to pinch out the burning flame, than blow on it?

Yes Jim I am taking pictures even though you have "chicken hawk hair"... ha ha ha

It was just so fun to laugh with them, even just for an hour.

They help fill my "void"... can we keep 'em?

Uncle Fred...

 Uncle Fred is in town from Lousianna.

We really enjoyed having him over for dinner this week!
So great catching up with him.
And we had some fresh strawberries for desert with a little sweet drizzled over it... yum!
My sister made these for us in Seattle and it's my new favorite easy.

My Strong Silent Mysterious Man...

Did I mention how much I love my strong silent mysterious man?
He has really put up with a grouchy wife who has been on an emotional roller coaster missing "the missionary", and my Dad, and in a new level of training at work, and hot in 100 degree weather and just plain and tired.  He had dinner ready when I got home from work more than once this week.  Soooo sweet!!
He goes the extra mile allot and rarely gets full credit for it.
One of his church assignments being in charge of checking in and out the stake tents and chairs and tables is in full swing.

He put a new U joint in his jeep... I don't know what that is, but it's way up underneath and really dirty.

He works really hard at his job.

He is my rock.
I love him, and probably need to show him a little more than I have this week.  I'm so sorry. Thank you for putting up with me my love.

Doggie update...

I have to keep remembering to update "The Missionary" on the dogs at home, so they get their own post since I had gotten some recent pictures.
Something that I never thought would be anything but easy, however seems to be completely slipping my mind these days.
I have no idea why I keep forgetting to take pictures?
Our little Rudy is doing good, he is showing his age... but hanging in there.

Morgan, a little more loose skin these days... but eager to please more than ever.

Taylor as turned out to be as sweet as Morgan, she has the biggest heart.  But still just so much energy and love she doesn't know what to do with it all... so it gets her into trouble more than the rest of the pack.  But she tries really hard.  I don't know what she was into this day... but the evidence was on her nose, so it was something I will probably find later.  It's always something.

Taylor has been exhausting some energy with her new frisbee.
Someone left it on the dash of our car while we were in church one day.  Never found the culprit, and not sure if it was a joke or jab... but it made Taylor a really happy happy girl!!

Taylor chasing her new frisbee!

Poor Rudy, with old age, comes some funky smells.
He goes along with the bath thing, but it's not his favorite.

Morgan is just always happy to be here!

They are a handful at times, but we love them to pieces and are so grateful for their good company and unconditional love.

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