Thursday, July 19, 2012

Doggie update...

I have to keep remembering to update "The Missionary" on the dogs at home, so they get their own post since I had gotten some recent pictures.
Something that I never thought would be anything but easy, however seems to be completely slipping my mind these days.
I have no idea why I keep forgetting to take pictures?
Our little Rudy is doing good, he is showing his age... but hanging in there.

Morgan, a little more loose skin these days... but eager to please more than ever.

Taylor as turned out to be as sweet as Morgan, she has the biggest heart.  But still just so much energy and love she doesn't know what to do with it all... so it gets her into trouble more than the rest of the pack.  But she tries really hard.  I don't know what she was into this day... but the evidence was on her nose, so it was something I will probably find later.  It's always something.

Taylor has been exhausting some energy with her new frisbee.
Someone left it on the dash of our car while we were in church one day.  Never found the culprit, and not sure if it was a joke or jab... but it made Taylor a really happy happy girl!!

Taylor chasing her new frisbee!

Poor Rudy, with old age, comes some funky smells.
He goes along with the bath thing, but it's not his favorite.

Morgan is just always happy to be here!

They are a handful at times, but we love them to pieces and are so grateful for their good company and unconditional love.

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