Thursday, January 10, 2008


Self Portrait Tues.... uh well Thursday!

(I am not blind to the fact that procrastinating should be on my list of New Year Resolutions... Tuesdays just come so fast, by Thursday I can think more about a Self Portrait)


Stop for a minute and take a self-portrait, a snapshot of you in the here and now. What is your new *you* resolution?

More often than maybe I should admit... this is me at the computer, in slippers and holy jeans I grabbed in the dark, working away, trying to take advantage of the quiet moments early in the morning right after my boys leave for school and work. It is in these moments I have my clearest thoughts, and my mind works it's best.

I usually find myself still sitting here at Noon plugging away with a few breaks to catch up on blogging, and surfing the wealth of information on the internet to learn all I can about some new idea that came to me in my sleep the night before.

Then I panic... My Man will be home for lunch,

what will I fix to eat?

What can I do to look more presentable in 4 minutes so he won't think those sarcastic comments he makes about me "sitting at home all day doing nothing" are actually true, because I can't tell you what I have actually been doing for the past 5 hours?

Did I even eat breakfast yet (something about my makeup tells me if I miss a meal, everything shifts during the day and I still get the same number of meals in the day no matter what time I eat them... it's a curse, and I passed it on to my son)?

I haven't taken a shower!

How will I ever have that spark in my marriage if he see's me like this?

I have tons of work to do!

Shear Panic!!!

So my New "You" Resolution is to get my shower, shampoo, and smell like a flower before I get drawn into my office and glued to my desk each day!

I know it sounds gross, and such a simple thing to take care of myself... but Yes at times it is a huge challenge for me.

However, I think it will make for a happier, healthier new me... and it is something I can absolutely give myself each day. The added extra benefits, like most of those things we do just for ourselves, is that my "boys" will be the recipient of good things because of the good things it will do for me, mentally, spiritually and physically! The ol' it rolls down hill theory.

The "new me", trying to take better care of "me"... in an attempt to shed my ponytail, grubby sweatshirt, holy jeans, slipper wearing, no make up style.

(okay, I kept the slippers)


Anonymous said...

Good for you! When I stay at home and work I can always tell a difference when I get my shower and dress first. I have to do this on Sat in order not to waste the day. Great initiative!

pjmesser said...

I love this- I am absolutely not a morning person. So I am seriously impressed. Great goal- great job today!

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