Sunday, May 18, 2008

The teenagers room makeover...

We surprised the teenager with a mini room makeover... we didn't have time (well more like I didn't have the energy left) to get it re-painted. But we did a mini major overhaul in there.

He had been needing a more updated sophisticated look.

He was in shock... but later shared that he loved it!

I found some prints of golf courses, so that was the inspiration for the theme. I had seen it done in an eye doctors office, so I figured it wasn't too theme roomy, but something he could live with for a little while. The posters were cheap and easy to throw into frames, so if he wanted to change it later, it really wasn't a major thing.

And they have neat inspirational sayings on each one with the words, Challenge, Drive, Determination. And I love "words", so that made me happy!
The kid had the most uncomfortable mattress that ever was... we had been meaning to replace it for a long time now. It just kept falling on the bottom of the list. So his Papa and Nene got him an early birthday present. The new futon is soooooo comfortable (not like the old futon mattresses that were cotton and break down after 5 nights sleep on them). This was a huge major change for his room.
The rest was just little additions....

I made some pillows for his new bed/couch. I knew he loved the color orange so I pulled out some of the dark orange and sage green in the pictures for the pillows. And we got a cover for the futon in the same sage green so there would be some sort of color flow.

The biggest transformation would be the removal of all the clutter! It was allot, and it was everywhere, and most of it was his baseball and nascar collections... so I boxed them up in 3 big bins to save for him when he moves out or has kids or when the time is right to pull it out and he has a place for them. He was kind of out growing them in his room, but still has a great love for them, something he will keep forever, so I thought that would be a good solution.

It is always scary trying to make the teenager happy, but Nene pulled it off! He loves his new room, and I am so happy we took the time to do this while she was here.

The theme this week had been de-clutter, and since we still haven't had our garage sale, we have even more to add to it. This is making my life seem so much more manageable. I can't believe what a weight "stuff" can have on your shoulders!

I have been trying to come up with a word for the year... maybe mine will be


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