Thursday, December 4, 2008

2009~Word of the Year

My SIL inspired me by choosing a word for the year last year; and I really liked the concept. New Years resolutions were like dreaded "to do" lists... and I am a procrastinator; so they always spell failure to me. She even had her word printed on a necklace to wear for a constant reminder... I thought "PERFECT"! When someone sees my cute little necklace and asks me about what it means it adds to my commitment, and you can add your annual word to it each year! Love it!! And I fell in love with the hand made jewelry by this designer too!

One word, to help launch me into action, to BE better, to DO better, to accomplish things, to remember my strengths, to toss my weaknesses out of the way and never let them define "who I am"... all in a single word. I love this concept.

Last year I kind of half hearted picked a word... SIMPLIFY, I really needed to de-clutter and slow down and smell the roses. It was amazing how keeping it in my head kept me on track, it wasn't maybe the most perfect word for me, because it really only focused on one aspect of my life, and I had many areas I really needed to work on, but this helped with a few and it brought some great things to pass.

So this year I have been contemplating words for a couple of months now... I really need to continue to stop and smell the roses, however, I want my word to really inspire and launch me! It needs to charge me into action a little more. Not just wait for the rose to come to me, but have confidence and desire to go after anything I want in life.
Now is the time for me to move forward and I feel like I am standing still... but don't know why? I think I have stopped dreaming and believing in myself somehow.
Here were some considerations..
Dream, Ambition, Persevere, Possible, Inspire, Believe

And while digging through some old movie clips... I found this of my grandmother, and really began to think of having two words...

"Trust and Obey"

I really need to have more faith at times, and this will always remind me of how steadfast she and my grandfather have been in their lives, full of integrity, and full of obedience. That might help me work on some of my health goals too, trust myself and know that the good habits will help me be a better me, be obedient to the guidelines that help me take better care of myself. And the old hymns also remind me of my mother in law and her story of conversion to the gospel, and the strength and endurance she has had to posses in her life.

Trust and Obey was definitely a consideration...

But I didn't want to leave out the fun and the confident me I want to be... so then I thought of Adventure. I want this year to be full of adventure, I want to be living an active life. Enjoy a healthy lifestyle, be adventurous and fun, laughing and not getting hung up on the details, but having fun no matter the situation.

Humility, or BE Humble... was also a consideration, if I humble myself I be less likely to be bossy and just ramrod through things doing it my way. Instead, be more teachable, and a better listener, and be still and hear what God has in store for me.

Then I was discussing it with my bff, and she loved the idea and immediately jumped on Rejoice.... hey thats a good one, if I am rejoiceful I am grateful, when I am grateful I am humble and that would also help me to be less bossy, a better listener, rejoice about the things that are really important to me. Rejoice in my venture for great health. "Rejoice and be exceedingly glad" (matthew 5:12). She is so kind and willing to share her word, but it came to her so immediately and it was so perfect for her... and I kind of want to have my own unique word. So the search continued....

This word search would be so much harder for me than I thought!

My sister, who knows me all too well, came up with

Opportunities (everyday find opportunities) and Attitude (Parachutes – Minds are like parachutes. They only function when they are open. If you have something on your mind you have Telling Tension. If you do not hear or retain information, you have closed your Reticular Activating System
Three levels of listening
1. Listening to you
2. Listening to them
3. Listening to them and intuition

Pretty deep Sis! Totally fit the theme I wanted for me... but what I am learning is this word has to mean something to me when I hear it. It has to resignate into my soul!

And then my Mom, who knows me inside and out too... gave some suggestions, through hours on the phone, and I liked the word


Cherish who I am. My beauty inside, cherish my individuality. Cherish a strong mind and the ability to accomplish anything I set my mind to. Cherish my faith. Cherish myself. Cherish my divine nature. Cherish my talents.

Cherish who I want to be... a healthy active me, cherish good health, cherish my body as a temple, cherish my dreams.

Cherish the moments... the moments with my son, that are so precious as we approach a shift or change in our relationship as he prepares to leave the nest. Cherish the moments with my husband, with my family. Cherish the moments with my pets... the wet puppy kisses, the puppy sighs, the little (or rather BIG) paws silently begging to climb in my lap. Cherish the moments... "be still and know that I am God". Cherish magical moments. Cherish my eternal family. Cherish each season.

Cherish life, dreams, ambitions. Love, Honor and Cherish.

After literally months of research and googling and pondering and trying to find MY word for the year... I have been trying on "Cherish" and finally decided it would be MY WORD!

So I jumped in with both feet ordered my necklace, and it arrived yesterday! I couldn't wait until January to put it on, I have already been living with "cherish" and now it fits so well, I thought it would be best to keep it close to my heart with "simplify" and hit the new year already on the ground running with new resolve !!!


Megan said...

Oh I love that necklace!

she'sonlyhappyinthesun said...

I just ordered that necklace... I am so glad that you blogged about this, because I had been meaning to and I kept forgetting, but now I am going to have mine in time for the new year too:) The word I chose is Hope.

Mike The Great said...

Cherish, That is a cool word. You are such a clever person with the SPT's and the Word of the year. I should pick a word to focus on. When I was a missionary in your neck of the woods I had a Christ-like attribute of the week to focus on and it helped me alot.

Beth said...

I can't take credit for SPT's or the Word of the Year.... I am just inspired by other bloggers.

Thanks Lelly and Patsy!

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