Thursday, May 31, 2012

May 2012

Because an entire month got away from me... here is a glimpse of May in review (in no particular order).
The dogs acting like pigs, piling again...any chance they get to lay on Jacob's blanket or in "his"chair... they are happy to go for it!
And unexpected trip to Seattle to be with my family when my Dad passed away.

Brooklynn at ballet class...

Some good friends of our family... helping to fix a few things at Mom's house.
Love comes in all forms, a shepherds pie from Mom's neighbor, they are from Caldwell Idaho... really small world.
My nephews new Allstate office.
More family time...
Quiet time with my mountain.

Lots and lots of  family and friends...

Poor Rudy had an episode, we thought it would be his last day with us... but he is back up and running again, feeling as good as new.
Some Brynley time :)

What is May if you don't fire up the BBQ?
Some really sweet thoughts from close friends as I returned from Seattle...

A package from the missionary!!
And a letter to the laurels...
Service with the laurels class...
A movie night with the missionaries at the church...
Some silly embarrassing guy at Walmart... Jose something?
The missionaries closet rod fell... I guess a sign I needed to get in there and clean out his room finally...

The irrigation pump start up...
Cinco de Mayo party...
Uh notice we are all wearing jackets, someone forgot to tell May it was supposed to supply the warm weather.

Love, Love, Love the sombraro cookies!
And of course a pinata...

A fun family night object lesson with the missionaries, about relying on God...
Girls camp fundraiser, Mothers Day corsages...
One of the highlights of the month... Mom came to visit!!!
Finger printing... oohhh someones in BIG trouble...
or getting a weapons permit :)
Someone loves their dog way too much...
While Mom was here, we worked and cleaned out Jacob's room and much more... we played and had a really great Mothers day dinner at Epi's Basque Restaurant, and well we cried.  Not so much over the broken down car, but that too. 
Good news, as it turns out it wasn't broken, just a dead battery because the operator (ahem my strong silent  mysterious man) didn't know how to use the keyless starter and killed it at a very most in oppertune time, but we survived.
Pinewood Derby races with our church families...

Mom turns over another Sunday block for the missionary countdown.
The missionaries birthday package... some things he asked for, some things he needed, much less junk food this time, and it was overweight for one box.  So TWO missionary birthday packages.
These are fun, but stressful and I worry and pray they will make it to him.
Still crossing my fingers.
The Marvel Avengers Movie!
How do they said it? "EPIC DUDE"
A partial eclipse... through my camera and 3 pairs of sunglasses!
 An auction fund raiser for our friends little baby girl going to need some immediate heart surgeries when she is born + months in a hospital in California = Family needs lots of prayers and funds.
Their community really came together for this, so heart warming to witness and be part of!!
His Grandma selling her Elk painting... we wanted to help, we couldn't bear to see it not to to her grandson, but it was a really good cause, so you understand.
But we decided to buy it and are keeping it to give back to him "someday".
It will be neat to put her photo on the back to authenticate it for him.
More puppy snuggle time!
And my strong silent mysterious man is really good at sharing the snuggle time with me if I ask, and it's not during a good movie or anything, ha ha ha.
A day trip up to Three Fingers...

Memorial Day!!
Saving my very favorite memory until last but certainly not least... talking to the Missionary on Mothers Day weekend!
And a bonus, my Mom was here with us!!!
Oh my stars, it was sooo good to see his smile!!
I miss him so much, but it was wonderful to hear his voice and know he is really happy, and see it on his face!!
He truely is full of joy and happiness.

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