Saturday, February 9, 2013

Someones world is upside down...

Thursday morning when my brother left, Jim also left to go to a work conference in Portland.
Well you guessed it, someone's world was turned upside down as they lost their newest best friend and their ROCK all in the same moment!
So I'll admit, as much as I LOVE some "me" time, I am missing him too.  But he comes home today so my heart will at least be up righted soon.   Surprisingly I got to only one craft project, but ran out of time for the rest of the me things on my list I wanted to to do while he was gone... like
Bubble bath's
Chick Flicks
Cleaning out his closet
Painting a room
Design my raised garden beds I want him to build
Treat the wood furniture
Scrapbook mission photos
Mail letters to all the missionaries serving from our ward and a few of the missionaries friends
Clean the leather furniture
Create cards to send for family birthdays this year its Feb and I have already missed a schlew of bdays, but I still have hope to catch up.

But mostly because I was so busy... yesterday after work I got a call from Mr. Bremmeyer and he was flying I use "fly" because he doesn't do anything except at mach speed... through Boise on his way home from visiting in Arizona and invited me to dinner.

It was so fun to get to see him.  When ever he calls us on his way through Boise, I just had it in my mind I was special and he made time to stop just to see me... but come to find out, there were two other couples in Boise he invited.  He knows someone everywhere and everyone seems to know who he is.  A great man with the biggest heart ever, he gives and gives of himself and it's most always devoted to the elderly.
A very great way to live.

I got home later, finished up my VT reporting and was too tired to go to the church to get it in the computer.  
So I am up early this morning, scrapped the plans to lay in bed and be lazy and sleep in... my internal clock is just not going to me stay down that long, so why fight it.

So I am off to finish my reports and then back home to pull out all the scrapping supplies and spread out on the dining room table to create mission photo magic! 
I hope.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Brother time!!!

My Brother Ralph got to come work in Oregon this week, only about 30 minutes from our house.
So I got some Brother Time!!
He came bearing gifts... an entire suitcase full!
5 new bamboo socks my SIL made for me, I got some new ones to replace the old ones with holes in em... and I wear them to work all the time, so I picked colors to match my scrubs.  
There is a couple missing from the photo, I will post my custom BSU socks later :)
They are the softes nicest socks!  If you want your own, and matching dress or t-shirt or jacket... go check out her new website!
 She us so super talented and has some neat clothing!
I can't wait to pick out a few rayon skirts and dresses to wear in Paraguay!  Light and flowing and cool... just what i will need :)

Also, this package from Mom... so far so good. Only 7 more days until we can open it!

And the rest of the suitcase was FULL of clothes my Mom has shrunk out of!  Yay Mom, I am so proud of you for getting so healthy!!
And what a bonus for me getting all your nice clothes!
But only for a short interum, cause I am shrinking too!  Yay me for getting my healthy self back too!

Last night Ralph, or more fondly known around our house as "Uncle Ralph" (even when Jacob is not here)...
stayed the night at our house.  We had yummy taco's for dinner and played Farkle, which he had tremendous beginners luck the first two hands.  
And just watch the progressing of the love affair Taylor now has with him.
cautious but close...
to very quickly can't get enough of "Uncle Ralph"
She is IN LOVE... you can see it in her eyes!!
After sleeping in the same bed with him all night, she still couldn't get enough this morning.
It was so fun to have him for even a short time!
Thanks for sharing him Panda!!  We missed you!
It will be a rough couple of days, but they will survive... goodbyes are just really really hard.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Speckled Robin Eggs?

Speckled Robin Eggs?
No. But they totally look like those, right.
They are grapes with sf ff black cherry jello sprinkled on them, Frozen!
I have tried frozen grapes before, and I don't like them Sam I am. Gross.
But my Mom kept raving about these and so I finally tried them.
Weird at first, but I do like them!
It's a really good healthy snack, and I think I will SUPER love them when it's 100 degrees outside.  They do kind of have a "freeze brain" affect so munchers beware!

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