Thursday, February 7, 2013

Brother time!!!

My Brother Ralph got to come work in Oregon this week, only about 30 minutes from our house.
So I got some Brother Time!!
He came bearing gifts... an entire suitcase full!
5 new bamboo socks my SIL made for me, I got some new ones to replace the old ones with holes in em... and I wear them to work all the time, so I picked colors to match my scrubs.  
There is a couple missing from the photo, I will post my custom BSU socks later :)
They are the softes nicest socks!  If you want your own, and matching dress or t-shirt or jacket... go check out her new website!
 She us so super talented and has some neat clothing!
I can't wait to pick out a few rayon skirts and dresses to wear in Paraguay!  Light and flowing and cool... just what i will need :)

Also, this package from Mom... so far so good. Only 7 more days until we can open it!

And the rest of the suitcase was FULL of clothes my Mom has shrunk out of!  Yay Mom, I am so proud of you for getting so healthy!!
And what a bonus for me getting all your nice clothes!
But only for a short interum, cause I am shrinking too!  Yay me for getting my healthy self back too!

Last night Ralph, or more fondly known around our house as "Uncle Ralph" (even when Jacob is not here)...
stayed the night at our house.  We had yummy taco's for dinner and played Farkle, which he had tremendous beginners luck the first two hands.  
And just watch the progressing of the love affair Taylor now has with him.
cautious but close...
to very quickly can't get enough of "Uncle Ralph"
She is IN LOVE... you can see it in her eyes!!
After sleeping in the same bed with him all night, she still couldn't get enough this morning.
It was so fun to have him for even a short time!
Thanks for sharing him Panda!!  We missed you!
It will be a rough couple of days, but they will survive... goodbyes are just really really hard.

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