Wednesday, March 5, 2008

SPT ~ Self Portrait Tuesday ~ Something that is extra special about me

The spt challenge for this week is to photograph something that is extra special about you.

I know I have special qualities... My Mom was so good at helping me to feel that about myself while I was growing up, and even still today ~ the special women in my life help to show that to me, when I can't see it for myself.

But extra special... hmmmm.

I think the divine nature that God gave me as a women, would be the 1st thing that comes to my mind. I am special, but my God given uniqueness makes me extra special.

As the only girl (not counting the dogs) in the house, I am fortunate to feel and observe my divine nature as a mother and a wife. When the boys are being crazy boys wrestling and about to break something... I am able to use the touch I was given as a woman to soften the rough edges, calm down the situation, save a nearly broken vase, and even at times turn it around into reading scriptures together.

This week I was able to turn a scowling, grumpy, mouthy teenager around with gentle persuasion and kindness, into giving our family night lesson.

I think I am in line with my Teenager training...
President Hinckley said "Nurture your sons with love and counsel (check... lots of council at our house). Teach them the importance of personal cleanliness, of neatness in their dress (check... always telling him to pull up his baggy pants). Sloppy ways lead to sloppy lives. Instill in them a sense of discipline. Keep them worthy of service to the Church as missionaries (check... never let him talk me into skipping church). Give them things to do so that they may learn to work (check, check... always have plenty of chores). Teach them to be frugal (check... yep I am the mean Mom that makes him wait to buy pizza hut at school lunch only every other Friday, unless he has worked for his own money). Labor and frugality lead to prosperity. Teach them that nothing really good happens after 11 o'clock at night (check... luckily he hasn't discovered this as an option yet). And do not spoil them (okay... I have to have something to work on, not so perfect at this... I tend to spoil). If they go on missions, they may be compelled to live in circumstances that you would not wish for them. Do not worry about them (need more work here too, I am a worrier). Give them encouragement."
(this is me spoiling him... running out the door to take him the favorite hat to golf in)

I just love this encouragement by Pres. Hinckley, and believe a man can give these boys something their mothers can not give. But I think it is what God gave me to help me in these areas... teaching, loving, and guiding is what helps me to be my extra special self.

I don't think that this gift stops with my teenager and my husband... I love love love my dogs, and while it is easy to love them, and hold them on my lap and give hugs and kisses when they are sweet....
I believe my divine nature allows me to love them when they are naughty too (you know after the initial shock of the moment).
So divine nature... that's what makes "me" extra special. I wish I could take credit for it... but the Glory is to God. As it should be.


Lindsey said...

What a good post. You are such a wonderful wife and mother!

Donna Lynn said...

I agree. You are a wonderful Mom, Wife, Sis and Daughter.

Windy said...

Great post! I love, love, love my dog too and agree that snuggling with my pup is easier than snuggling with my kiddoes.

lelly said...

awesome thoughts. i love that being a woman IS extra-special.

(love the grumpy teenager photo...)

The monkey bunch said...

It's wonderful that you feel extra special being a woman. The other day my husband asked me how it was to be a girl forever and I said, "ew, I don't think I would like to be a boy forever and he said, I was thinking the same thing about being a girl forever, so I guess we were really meant to be who we are!" You have great patience. Hope I can be that good with my soon to be teenage daughter!

wende said...

great post! i wasn't thinking as deeply as you did, i was glad for the perspective. you're absolutely right, it is our divine nature that makes us extra special, i'm writing that down somewhere so i don't forget it! thanks for the reminder, and for sharing!

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