Tuesday, April 21, 2009

SPT ~ Gift a friend...

I have been going to my friend's house (who had a stroke in December) once a week; we work on her therapy homework, and we take the time to catch up, and it gives her daughter a little break to do some of her errands and take her son to preschool. And a couple of weeks ago I threw out some suggestions of things we could do together since it was a regular routine.... we could really accomplish somethings together... and she loves to sew; so that was the project she picked!


I do not sew, I am not skilled at it... but I do have a desire to learn.... so if she is willing to teach me (and she is very very patient) then I was all in!


So the first day we went and picked out an easy project... I found some pajama pants; and with the warm weather quickly on it's way... something I would need to get out of my flannel. And we bought the fabric, it was such a fun trip out... so many choices, hard for me to make decisions; but again... she has the patience of Job... so we laughed and had a great time.


The next week, I cut out the pattern... I had no idea what I was doing, and she kept having to explain and explain again... and then show me... we were quite a pair because she is still getting her language back and some times has to search for words that get locked away in file cabinets in her head. And then there I am with the "deer and the headlights" look trying to figure it out; not having a clue how to align a pattern... sadly it took me 2 hours to cut out one pair of pajama pants.

But again... Miss Job... with all her patients, still loves me... laughs at me, but still loves me and wants me to come back again! Yeah!


This week I began sewing! The flat sides, easy, I get those... the round edges and aligning the right side inside the other leg, to sew the center???? OMG!!!! How confusing... she would tell me how to do it and I could not wrap my mind around any of it! So confusing... how does one ever learn these things? I just had to trust her... follow her direction and everything fell into place. The next thing I knew, I had a pair of pajama pants... finished!


I was so excited! She was so excited for me... what started out as a gift to a friend, turned into a greater gift given back! What a huge blessing learning new skills, and having such a fun time, slowing down enough to laugh and have fun, at a time when I am stressed out trying to find balance in my life.


Isn't that how giving usually turns out... the giver ends up with so much more than they started with... I love it! I need to remember to slow down give of myself enough to reap in the blessings that God has in store for me, and those in my path; instead of being too busy to give and serve thinking it will throw me farther off balance. It just doesn't work that way... it's so cool!

These are my new cotton hawaiian print pajama pants, and since my cold sore is still UGLY... that's all the self portrait I am willing to expose. But I love it that Morgan is smiling... she is always cheerful!


Kristen said...

That is so great! I am so glad that Robin is going so well. We really miss all of you, please tell Robin "hello" from me.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing this blessing with those who love you so much! Mom

Beth said...

Kristen... I will tell her! I am hoping our next adventure will be getting her blog up and running; I created one and gave it to her for her birthday. We will see.

Megan and Tony said...

That is so sweet of you and so sweet of her to teach you how to sew! You're both getting blessings because of your afternoons together! Good job on the pajama pants!

PaD said...

Your pajamas look pretty. Good job. I'm glad Robin is better. Tell her hello for me. JLD should be home soon and you'll feel better. Mom D

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