Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2011 ~ Word of the Year

2011 will be a year to recognize and embrace the Grace of God in my own life.
To share the Divine Grace that I experience and feel with others.  
I know I have some life changing events headed toward me this year that will require me to "survive" and I want to live this year full of Grace and show grace in all my actions and deeds towards myself and those I love.  I want the things I choose for my life and the experiences I live to be filled with Grace and beauty.  I would love to accomplish a level of Grace in my art and photography this year.  I want to teach with Grace, and Love & Laugh in Grace.
The word Grace just sounds calming and peaceful!
I kind of felt weird when I saw "my word" featured on Lisa Leonard's site where I have bought hand stamped charms for my necklace in the past, I promise I was not stalking her and I picked mine first, I start in Oct and Nov pondering new words and evaluating the one I had been living all year... I guess great minds think alike and it's a pretty common word.  It does look really pretty on the charm she designed.  I can share it with Grace :)

Here is to living Live in Grace!

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