Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My 100 ~

I had a list of 100 things about me when I first started blogging (I don't remember the 1st one being so hard to do); and I lost it when I changed the design of my blog one time (because I was a novice and just had it on the side bar and not in an actual post). I was really mad and wasn't going to re-create it. But this months SPT's have each been from the 100 List.
I so want to get back to SPTing again... so I started with my 100 list.... it was super hard at times, but then I got on a roll... and well, I didn't want to delete any of them, so it's my 100 + List!
I hope someday to have photos to insert!
100 + Things About Me… (updated July 2017)

1. I fall in love with my husband all over again when he does unexpected and surprising things (mostly simple, and not extravagant).
2. We have been married for a little over 16 25 years (married June 14 1992... this is an old post, do the math); we have 3 wedding anniversaries (2 civil and 1 temple) and I make him remember and celebrate all 3.
3. I am seriously afraid of snakes; but I can deal with spiders and scoop them on a newspaper to get them outside (but could never squish them with just a tissue, and don’t like to squish them with shoes, but I will if they are big, fuzzy and look like they might run fast)
4. My husband and I have a love of bridge pictures (and a collection of all the bridges we visited when we were dating).
5. I love taking photographs.
6. I became a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints when I was 33; and it has changed my life.
7. I don’t like my toes; my big toes are shorter than the next two. (I don't really feel this way about my toes anymore... haha baby steps in loving ones self I guess).
8. I love the change of (all four) seasons.
9. I love to get lost in bookstores, but I don't like to read at all (it's weird).
10. I want to love to read, but won't give it the chance.
11. I think you can tell allot about a boy by how he treats his mother. (this is still true, and has never failed me)
12. I love. love, love dogs.
13. I like all four seasons, but I dislike the wind.
14. I am afraid of the dark. (more afraid of mice now, than the dark.. or mice in the dark maybe)
15. I love bubble baths.
16. I have always loved the color purple, but not for houses, or cars; but my most recent favorite color is orange. (my bff has a purple car... it's pretty!)
17. I worry enough for everyone.
18. I have a scar on the bottom of my foot in the shape of an X where I stepped barefooted on a broken coke bottle in a stream when the older kids made me go get the out of bounds birdie in a bad mitten game at Salt Water Park as a young kid.
19. I love to watch lightening storms (from indoors).
20. I got a pacemaker when I was 19, they said it wasn’t hereditary, but my brother got one for the same thing a few years later. Now my step dad has one too… we are thinking of starting a pacemaker club. (I haven't used mine for the past 15 30+ years (or since my second and third battery (ies) that has a memory they can read) they say at check ups)
21. I am a defensive driver; my husband is an offensive driver.
22. I started snow skiing when I was in the 2nd grade, but haven’t been back since my son was born. (but I really really want to get back on the slopes one day... went in 2010, hope we can go each year to keep that fire burning)
23. I used to give my cars names.
24. My husband taught me to cook after we were married. (it was a pretty sad scene before that, but I managed to survive).
25. I often think of TONS of thoughtful things to do for other people, but I only follow up on a small percentage of them.
26. I love RAK (random acts of kindness). My favorite one was to pay for the person in the drive thru behind me.
27. I love a Godfathers deep dish combo pizza with extra cheese, but haven’t had one since I have been married… my husband likes thin crust, and only one topping at a time.
28. I think I compromise in situations often, I almost never demand things to be my way.
29. I procrastinate too much!
30. I prefer winter weather over summer, and winter colors over any others.
31. My favorite thinking spots have awesome views.
32. I have a shoe and coat fetish, but have learned to keep it under control. (I may have to add purses/bags to this list of fettishes)
33. I love grilled steak.
34. I was born in the south and love grits! But have never had a southern accent.
35. I love using lighting techniques in home decorating, I think it can totally change the mood and look of a home.
36. I never wanted to have children when I was growing up; I didn’t think I would be a good Mom. But I was so excited the very minute we found out and I looked into my husbands eyes. Now I can’t imagine or remember my life with out my son! I know my son was a gift from God!
37. I know the importance and benefits for my body by drinking water, but sadly I don't love water.
38. I love cloudy days and rain.
39. I love the smell of mint.
40. I have lived in SC, Georgia, Nebraska, Washington, California and Idaho
41. I love to re-arrange furniture.
42. I am a list maker, but rarely go back to them to review or check off.
43. I love the idea of journals, I am getting better at journaling. (or not... I guess it's hit and miss).
44. I am very sensitive to other people’s space, but still tend to cross barriers to give hugs from time to time. I am kind of a touchy person.
45. I accidentally stabbed myself with a pencil in Jr. High and still have the lead in my shoulder.

47. I love daisies, the first flower my husband ever gave me was a daisy.
48. I love many different kinds of music but never remember band names or song titles.
49. I like crushed ice over cubes anyday. (Mavericks "chewy" ice, or Sonic Ice are my favorites).
50. I don’t tan easily, and was so relived while dating my husband when he said he didn’t like tan people, that it was bad for my skin.
51. I like the smell of gasoline, diesel, magic markers, and puppies breath, and grandbabies!!!
52. I have never broken any bones.
53. I have never watched Star Wars… any of them.
54. I (used to) work from home.
55. I let my dogs kiss me on the mouth; this totally grosses out most people. (uh yeah, less of this as they get older and have stinky breath... ha ha ha)
56. I can’t work with the radio on, but I love music.
57. I have to have total silence in a room to read.
58. I almost never remember anything I read.
59. I love pedicures, and pretty toenail polish, but don't like color on my fingernails. Oh yea bring on the color!! I have been getting my nails done regularly and love them.
60. I love candles and good smelly things (but I don’t like the food flavored smelly stuff, like sugar cookies, or gingerbread, unless it’s a spice like cinnamon or vanilla).
61. I saw hundreds of sheep being herded down the middle of the street in our town and had a "Jesus shepherd moment" and couldn’t quit crying. It was one of my most amazing spiritual feelings ever.  I ran into a lady a few years after I wrote this that photographs the moving of these very sheep... she has one of them crossing a bridge she printed on a blanket, It's on my top wish lists.
62. I love watching movies, and can watch a good movie over and over again… like “Sweet Home Alabama or National Treasure”.
63. I always feel really “special” on my birthday and have never been depressed or freaked out about my age (so far) (I am realizing that getting old is NOT for the squeamish).
64. I really like to eat out (I have too many favorite places to mention).
65. I want to serve a mission for the LDS church with my husband someday.
66. I cry easily (tears of joy mostly).
67. I used to be a night owl, but now I am a morning person (maybe neither now???)
68. My husband is my hero (I love that he has overcome many obstacles in his lifetime).
69. I am right handed.
70. I love bears and used to collect all kinds, but whittled my collection down to a few special ones.
71. I was a cheerleader in high school.
72. My husband keeps me grounded; he is the least materialistic person I have ever met… (seriously he would be happy with dirt floors).
73. My son keeps my anger in check, he hates angry people and is good at giving me perspective when I get angry at stupid things. (I miss this).
74. I have a thing for salt and pepper shakers, but am so picky about having ones that fit right in my hand and shake just the right amount… that I can’t find ones to replace the one’s I have had since before I was married. But I look every where I go. It might be a fetish too. I have found the perfect set and love them and haven't looked for new ones since.
75. I love virgin pina coladas and getting caught in the rain.
76. I like alone time; when I choose it.
77. I used to lip sync in front of the mirror using my canopy bed post as a microphone. when I was 10... ha ha ha, not sure why I put this about me???
78. I love candy, and used to pride myself on being a connoisseur of only the good stuff.
79. I am the youngest of 4, and I might have been a little spoiled, but nothing to the extent that I am labeled by my siblings.
80. I love buildings and architecture.
81. I love black and white pictures, and black and white color themes for almost anything ie: parties, weddings, decorating.
82. I hated high school and couldn't wait to be done.
83. I hope my son attends one of the BYU Campus’s. This is not important to me at all, I just hope he is happy!!!!
84. I love the sound of Diesel engines, my Dad can could name the manufacturer just by listening to them ( I think this is so cool). I miss him soooo much!!!!
85. I have a hard time taking naps during the middle of the day. (My husband loves Sunday naps).
86. I love sunsets and sunrises.
87. Patriotism makes me cry.
88. I have never been good at studying for tests of any kind.
89. I am not sure there is 100 things about me. Well go figure... its over 100 now!!!
90. I am trying to listen and follow promptings from the holy ghost better in my life.  still a work in progress for me!!!
91. I have a compound bow and love to shoot competition archery; especially with my family.
92. My husband bought me a Z car just to have for fun; I have always wanted one.
93. I love LDS Temples.
94. I feel like I should love to see “my boys” wrestle and play rough together; but I have never “got it” and it makes me angry. Plus, something always gets broken, or someone always gets hurt… it’s starting to be my husband lately because my son is bigger than him... I don't feel sorry for anyone when they get hurt wrestling.
95. I love clean kitchen counters.
96. I never wore a traditional wedding dress for any of my 3 marriages to my husband (I might have to have just one more, so I can do that when I am skinny; you know a renew the vows kind of ceremony… hmmmm).  Wow "skinny" is not important to me anymore, I just want to be healthy... and maybe in a beautiful wedding dress renewing my vows on a beach in Hawaii :)
97. My favorite punctuation is dot dot dot …
98. I have had a terrible fear of my son dying his entire life.  I haven't had these visions/dreams for a long time... thankfully!!!
99. I use “Elizabeth Ashley” (first and middle name) as my signature on things I create; just to be different.
100. Sometimes I get on a roll and don’t want to stop.
101. I “got up” the 1st time I ever went water skiing.
102. I love leather furniture.
103. My favorite store is Ikea.
104. I was taking lessons to get my pilots license when I got pregnant with my son and quit because it didn't seem like a safe motherly thing to be doing. (I might still go back and do that someday, but it’s not a priority to me anymore).
105. I hate scary movies.
106. I want to have a real garden someday, and hope I am successful at it.  I grow something every year now.  Not sure what my idea of "success" is... but I grow a few things.
107. The most rewarding thing I have learned to do, is canning. I am trying to add at least one new recipe to learn to can each year. It is so cool when I do it... but sadly I haven't added much more to my repertoire.
108. I love thunder storms and snow days.
109. I like to practice calligraphy.
110. It made me really sad when my son was young and pointed out to me that every single Disney movie has a scary bad guy, and I realized it was true!
111. My Temple recommend is my most precious possession. along with my grandchildren and my family!!!
112. I am not a clean freak at all, I would rather spend time with my family than clean, but I do like things to be neat and orderly and clean... I fell in love with Mr. Clean magic erasers in 2010.  It makes cleaning grimy surfaces so much easier.
113.  I don't like bird feet.
114. I have the very best DIL I could have ever hoped for!!!


Lindsey said...

I don't think after all these years I have ever known your middle name.

Kristen said...

I loved that! Thanks for sharing, it is so great to get to know you better through you blog. I might do that on mine, although I don't know if I could think of 100 things about myself.

Donna Lynn said...

other things I know... under best sister in the dictionary is a picture of are always there for your family and your can make any chore fun because it is all about attitude...I didn't think we would make it through high school English...The day 2J was born your focus changed to being organized (no longer doing it by the seat of your pants-moment to moment girl), prompt (you were not very concerned about being prompt- if you were you were and if you weren't, you weren't), responsible (you took you role and your life seriously and have been on that mission ever since), and a great role model for your child...You are a part of my heart...You make me feel pretty...You love to play games (but everyone must be fair)...You are one of my biggest fans and provide great support and never dwell on my weakesses, accepting me as I am...You have a creative gene that most dream about...Many others but I have to get back to work...Love ya

Johnna said...

Thank you for sharing all of those wonderful things, and Lynn thank you for adding yours too. Beth you are one of my heroes. I love you.

she'sonlyhappyinthesun said...

I love you...It was so fun to read this list! I also have a permanent piece of lead... in middle school I stabbed myself in the hand with my pencil and a little piece is still there, visible, right in the center of my palm.

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