Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Feeling Lucky Punk?

My Strong Silent Mysterious Man took me out for a much needed refresher course...
(No, this was not the target.) 
I just couldn't help myself, with a "cute" camera shot.
I mostly have only shot from behind the camera lens with the boys for so long, that I really needed an up to date gun shooting refresher course.

I've been begging for a long time and we finally just made time to go out and "do this thing".

I am really a hands on learner, you can show me a hundred times but I will never be comfortable until I do it all myself. 
So from loading to shooting to cleaning, I needed a total refresher!
He laughed at how awkward I was at times, but still was patient with me.

Okay so my form needs some work :(

GSR!!  I was all excited when I got myself some gun shot residue!!!
Yep, I watch too much CSI and Hawaii Five O... what can I say.
Except I am not sure this is where I am supposed to get "residue"?
I think its supposed to be between the thumb and the fingers.... so I am not sure what I did wrong there, kind of scary huh?
Yeah, you might wait to go shooting with my until I have a few more courses :)

"Mr. one handed show off" ha ha ha.
We shot both the .22, and the .45, and I did hit the target with both... but I think I will wait to move up to the .45.  The .22 is more my speed right now, much less kick and definitely not as LOUD!  Yikes!

Thank you so much for taking me out and being so patient with all my girlie quirks, and helping to be more comfortable with the guns!  But just one word to the wise... next time you might not want to pick a fight with me on the way out to shoot the guns...
 just sayin'.
I love you ♥

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