Tuesday, January 27, 2009

SPT ~ I resolve to take more self-portraits doing things i love

This morning I was scheduled to attend a board meeting for one of my clients, so I needed the car and took the teenager to school. It was pretty early to head to my meeting, but not enough time to come all the way back home.
So I analyzed all my errands and found one I could take care of at such an early hour of the morning. There is a special someone in my family (I don't think he reads my blog... if he does, well the surprise is up) with a birthday coming up this week and I wanted to get a Starbucks gift in his card before I put it in the mail today.

Starbucks is up early... good plan!
I don't drink coffee anymore, so I don't frequent Starbucks even though they do have plenty of really yummy non-coffee drinks. I don't know, I guess it is that whole appearance thing... if you don't drink, but someone catches you buying alcohol, what does that look like? Maybe I think too much about these things. But even when I did work in downtown Seattle in the heart of Starbucks country, it was just a special treat to indulge in one of their yummy drinks on occasion.
And since Idaho isn't really a target area for them, it is even less often a treat for me here... less than once a year probably. But I do love their hot chocolate, oh I forget just how much I love their hot chocolate.
This morning I tried something new (so this spt covers my portrait trying new things that I missed last week, and things I love all in one shot... nice) a white chocolate hot cocoa with a shot of Cinnamon Dulce! So yummy, not on my diet, but it was recommended, and I have been really good. I have to say we have one of the nicest Starbucks I have ever been in, and the employees were over the top amazing!


I love sending small and simple treats to loved ones, and I love that today it gave me the opportunity to give myself a little treat too!


rebekah said...

a straw?! how do you do it?

Beth said...

Uh oh... is that weird drinking hot cocoa from a straw?

Ann On and On... said...

Well said! It is so nice to treat yourself to something fun once and a while. Your drink sounded yummy!
Fun post!

If you haven't already...stop by my blog to be a part of my YuMmY Valentine's give-a-way.

Crystal said...

How I miss Starbucks..... love the photo

Panda said...

No a straw is not weird I like straws in my hot drinks... the lids on the hot cups cut my lips so I always ask for a straw.

I love the Self Portrait. you did an awesome job on it.

linda said...

Being able to get an errand done and do SPT at the same time...your good!

I'm not a coffee drinker either but I do love Starbucks Hot Chocolate. Boy does that sound good right about now, it's cold outside!

MaryRC said...

nuttin like a hotdrink to cozy up with on a cold day. great spt

patsy said...

starbucks- oh how i love you... I struggle daily driving by starbucks wanting to stop-

I've tried that drink, chloe ordered it once -mmmmm

have you had the salted carmel hot chocolate? my favorite is still the hot carmel cider.

I am a straw girl too- I won't drink out of a glass/cup at a restaraunt without one. I don't know why- I just won't

Jeanette said...

It's cold here this morning and that hot cocoa sounds so good! I think I'll go make some. Great post!

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