Tuesday, February 3, 2009

SPT ~ I love it when you...

SPT ~ I love it when you...
(my own self portrait photo to be posted later... found this one, I really like it, but misses the whole point of self portraits)

(here is my own photo, not as young and cute without the age spots like the one I found on the internet, but it's our hands!)

To my strong silent mysterious man:

I love it when you hold my hand!
(The exclamation point, because I really love it!!)

Working in the greasy dirty world of mechanics you were always conscious of the long lasting effects of the grease that would permeate every ridge print on your hands.

When the teenager was really small, he loved bath time, it was such a fun experience to play in the bathwater with him and get him out and towel him off. Such precious moments, I recognized them as such even way back then. Of all the wonderful things you did with him when he was little, you would never do bath time with him... one day I tried to force you in there. You explained that because your hands would leave greasy little black fingerprints (no matter how many times you cleaned them... it was embedded) on his pure clean little body, you wouldn't, you just couldn't. I admired that you wanted to, but you respected his precious clean perfect skin, and didn't want it to be dirty. What symbolism that holds for me today.

Now that you don't work in the deep greasy mechanics of your job. Your hands have slowly been rid of the black in the grooves. You have begun to hold my hand more and more.

I love it!

I love your touch.

I love how thoughtful you are when you hold my hand.

I love it when you reach for my hand.

I love it that you want to.

I love how secure and safe it makes me feel.

love all that it says without saying a word.

I love to feel your strength in your hands.

I love to feel the energy in your hands.

When you hold my hand I feel happy inside.

♫ "I wanna hold your hand" ♫


she'sonlyhappyinthesun said...

This is the sweetest post...

PaD said...

made me tear-ie. I'm not sure how to spell it. I didn't cry just had tears. I love the same thing about dad's hands. Mom D

Johnna said...

Ditto! To both previous comments.

Dacia said...

So sweet! I just love to hold my husband's hand too!

jenn said...

i love holding my husbands hands too! and its so funny, often, when i grab his hand...hell start singing that song to me!

Alisha said...

Yep, the simple little things like human touch make allllll the difference in the world. :)

Liz said...

What a great picture idea, I might have to try it!!!

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