Saturday, March 17, 2012

Time out for shopping with my sister...

Sorry to everyone else who follows my blog and doesn't care about what I wear... 
But I need a little shopping time with my Sister.

So...  Hey Lynn, I was at the post office today mailing some letters and photos to Elder Dayley and decided to stop by one of your favorite stores in Caldwell... Story and Company :)

It's still cold here, but I just know spring is right around the corner and also KNEW she would start having some cute spring clothes, I should keep my eyes open for... especially today while I was sportin'  my raggedy old navy sweatshirt, worn out jeans, challenger hat and my slip on and go fat baby cowboy boots.  Not my best look, even though I find myself in it way too often. 

So I walked in and she asked if I was there for their $2 for 2 days sale?
"Uh, no, but I am now!" 
ha ha ha

I wanted you there so bad!!  
They had so many cute things in your size too.  
I tried shopping for you as well, but I kept picking up pink stuff 
and then had to put it back!  I don't know why I still do that???  
You just can't wear pink. but I am in such denial.
She had some orange patten leather Jimmy Choo spiked heals...

 I just giggled, (they were just like these, but they were size 11 :)
So cute though right?  
I could see you pulling out your manicured toes with orange painted flowers on them, no hose but your legs look tan and your calves are buff from pushing through hard workouts with Nora, and a leather pencil skirt after walking back up the hill from Pike Place Market to get an apple for lunch!  
Totally Right??!!

Anyway, back to me... 
I found this jacket, not cut totally right, but really close don't you think?

 And this Lands End sweatshirt is soooo soft... I know super casual, but it's not black!
 In my effort to find bright colors and sway from all black... I found this bracelet, it screamed spring to me.  Looks like it will go with everything.  Cute right?  It wasn't on the $2 racks, but still a great "Story and Company" price!  
Is that a second one in the background?  Oh just maybe?
And my Relic bag is falling apart, so I saw this and well $2, 
I didn't really need everything to be green, 
but it's NOT ALL BLACK either... so it will work.

Tell me what you think of my two dollar finds? 
I am trying really hard to get some color into my wardrobe.
I promised myself I wouldn't live in my sweats all spring (but I still need somethings casual for things like mutual with the youth on Wed. and arrow head hunting on Sat. with Jim).
Too bright?
Is the lime green way out this year?
I really need you to shop with me, it's hard by myself.
AND photos afterwards, well uggg at least that might keep me conscious about what I am eating :)
Love you Miss you Tons!!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Young Women Recognition...

Last night our stake held an annual recognition dinner... I forgot my camera!!! 
I think I am losing it, part of my brain must have accidentally gotten in the luggage to Paraguay... that's how it feels these days.  Very uncharacteristic of me NOT to have a camera with me...  but some morsel of remembrance thought to use my camera in my phone.
(even though it takes terrible photos... at least I captured the moment)

The youth programs in our church are amazing, and I am so grateful to be part of them; and get to work and serve along with them. 
It is always the teacher learns more from the student in my case!
I love them and really love watching them grow in the Gospel.
It is as rewarding to me as canning peaches!

Wow, that sounded like I was channeling 
Scarlett O'Hara all of a sudden.....  ???
"better-an caaaand peaaaches y'all" 
Sorry, don't know where that came from.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

"Grandpa Dayley" is in town...

Grandpa Dayley aka Dad is here from Arizona to ordain Jim into the office of a High Priest in our church.  (If you want to know more about this, just ask me :)  I would love to share more).
We have really enjoyed him being here, even for just a short visit.
And Taylor remembers him and has globbed onto him...
And pretty much won't let him leave her sight...

She camped outside his bedroom door, 
it was torture waiting all night to see him again.  Crazy dog.

We have had a fun time playing some games...

And discussing friends for the missionaries to share their good message with... oh and a game or two with them :)
I think they really like hearing about Jim's Dad serving in Korea, hey they are teenage boys, who wouldn't?

And this morning I witnessed such a very special ordination, it was really sweet.  Dad told us it was one of the very most important things he has done in his life, was ordain his son.
I know huh?  Get the tissue!

I have never been so proud to carry this family name. 
And the boys had a little down time.
I know Jim enjoyed having someone watch all his favorite shows on tv.  I was definitely out numbered, no chick flicks this weekend.

And we were super honored to have Grandpa turn over another block... only 78 more Sundays.

We really enjoyed this special time with Dad, he has been a beacon and an example for us to follow and we love him and Mom and treasure all that they teach us!
Thanks Mom and Dad, We love you!!

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