Tuesday, February 17, 2009

SPT ~ The first thing that attracted me to you was...

SPT ~ The first thing that attracted me to you was...

Your voice!
We hadn't met yet, you were living in Seattle, I was living in Sacramento... we both worked for my fathers trucking company. We would dispatch trucks hauling freight between the two locations. We had so many conversations on the phone... all business. And one day I asked my sister who worked with you... all about you. I knew some of your family, you sounded pretty cute, and I knew I really liked your work ethics, but most of all, your voice... I loved hearing your voice. It was deep and very distinctive. I always knew it was you on the other end of the line, and it always made me smile.
So one day, I wanted to know more about you, and I just got really brave, mustered up ALL my courage and asked if I could call you at home sometime? Your immediate answer, "NO, (my heart sunk to the bottom of my toes) but if you give me your number, I will call you" (... and he has standards, AHHHHH!!!... I think I was hooked right then).
Every phone call over the next month and a half we grew closer and closer, we talked about anything and everything, I knew everything I needed to know about you, and I was head over heals, until we finally met face to face at the airport (back when you could meet me at the gate), and we hugged for the 1st time June 7th 1991. It was my big brothers birthday, and I flew home to surprise him. I will never ever forget the 1st hug, I leaped into your arms and you caught me and hugged me back and we blocked the whole isle. It was like I knew you all my life.
Yep, you had me at hello!


Lene said...

Such a sweet post.

Dacia said...

Great story!

she'sonlyhappyinthesun said...

I loved getting to hear that story, I had never heard it before... so perfect!

Lindsey said...

I have heard that story a few times before but reading it was a whole different experience for me. I got chills.... what a wonderful story!!

I may do that SPT just to tell my story!!

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