Tuesday, May 20, 2008

SPT ~ Something Borrowed...

This is more just wishful thinking on my part, instead of an actual borrowed item... but after a nasty, potentially tragic incident yesterday with Taylor, I would love to borrow just part of her energy!

She is really young and had tons and tons of energy... I swear her feet never hit the ground, and she is quick, and an accomplished escape artist.

Knowing this about her, I am always extra careful when entering or leaving the front door.... she loves to run amuck through the neighborhood, if the opportunity presents itself. And I am even more careful when she is in the car with me. She rides great in the car, even much better than Morgan who whines the entire time.

So with all this in mind, they had been feeling couped up lately, so yesterday I took them on a quick errand with me, just so they could go for a ride.

While in a busy parking lot, I opened up the back door to the Tahoe which lifts from the bottom up, carefully creeping the door slowly, knowing she would be waiting to escape on the other side of the door (even though I told her to wait in the back seat).

So I get one hand on her, and lift the door the rest of the way up, and she ducks and weaves and shoots right past me! In shear panic of her getting away and getting hit by a car... I dove with both arms outstretched and tackled her to the ground grasping for her collar, as she squirmed and wiggled trying to escape my weight holding her down on the pavement. Finally I was able to get my fingers under her collar and guide her back inside the car.

I was relieved to have her safe and sound, but I was soooo mad at her.

Then the pain began to show itself, my elbow was scraped up, my knee was beginning to raise a big knot on it, and because I was wearing sandals my big toe had been scrapped down to blood, including the toe nail which was scrapped down far enough I can feel the skin underneath. So gross!!!

It really doesn't look as bad as it feels, so I am not getting much sympathy at home.

But ouch! Maybe if I just had equal her energy, I could stay one step ahead of her, instead of always feeling like I am trying to keep up.

I can't wait until obedience school starts in June!!!

It just can't get here to quickly. I hope I have the energy to endure, and a really hope she passes!!!


Donna Lynn said...

When you said dive across the parking lot I felt the pain. But you feel nothing because the panic is immense. I don't wish that on anyone especially someone I love. Jerry tells the story about Bradley going out the window at 7-11 and running down the main drag at Woodland at 5pm with Jerry running down the middle of the road to stop cars. You just want to beat them. The toe picture was a little much since I was eating lunch but I do sympathize with you. Take care.

Dacia said...

Yikes, that doesn't look like fun. I could use some of that energy too!

Bren's Life said...

Ouch! You are one brave woman.. Have you ever seen the seat belts for dogs? Maybe it'd work & you wouldn't have to tackle her..
She's really cute. I take it she's still a puppy..

lelly said...

woah! you have MY sympathy. i now have a great visual of you diving across the parking lot!

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