Tuesday, February 19, 2008

SPT ~ Self Portrait Tuesday ~ Pick me up...

SPT ~ Pick Me Up...
What do you do for a "pick me up"?
This would be the $64 thousand dollar question for me this year!!
I have been in a desperate need of a pick me up, and usually can just cheer myself out of it. Not so far this year... it is lingering and lingering and really getting on my nerves now!
I have heard and have had a few instances to observe myself that giving service to others is a great "pick me up"... it helps you get over yourself.
I am even struggling with this... if you can't help yourself, how do you help others?
You can see I am having a hard time with the "getting over myself" part.
During these times, I really don't want to see, talk to or much less do something for or with someone else.... but I got outside of my box and went to a luncheon get together with some other visiting teachers. We invited those we visit teach and went together.
It was fun, and interesting to see how we had been linked together. Sometimes unless you have the job of structuring the names within this great program, you never really know who is linked to whom. And because I really believe God has a hand in the process, I find it really interesting to see the results.
It was a nice time, but surprisingly not necessarily the pick me up I needed.

And I am not getting any better at self portraits either, just a bunch of pictures of inside my nostrils... Ugggg!

I really despise blogging when I am "down and out"... I hate the thought of dragging anyone down with me. But I promised myself, I wouldn't quit, and will never give up on myself, so forgive my lack of cheerfulness and ability to look at the bright side right now... I promise I will get over it soon!!

I am like a drowning victim... and the more they flail around the more help they need, but when you dive in to save them, they pull you down with them. The good news is... I am a pretty good swimmer :)

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PaD said...

I'm sorry you're having a funk day. I think that means bad day. Have you had a great big salad lately? It helped my anxiety. I hope it's gone soon. We all love ya. Mom D

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