Friday, October 12, 2012

More Adventures of Project Man and Flashlight Girl...

I know I have a ton of blogging to catch up on... life has been going on whether I blog it or not.  So I decided instead of waiting to blog until I got it caught up, I just had to keep going from here.  There will be a gap to fill in later, but that is another project for another day.
To the decorator (aka Mom)...
I haven't given up on project man, but you know that if the projects at hand are not on fire or flooding the house, they usually have take the famous "back burner".
But one step at a time and as always patience is a virtue, because it's so worth the wait when he puts his mighty hands to it, what once was a project he always turns into to gold!!!
He really does great work and is so handy!! I shouldn't complain or be sarcastic... it's just funny what motivates him, or what doesn't. hahaha
I convinced project man that with my recently gained hour and a half on Wednesday nights, we could fill the time with something productive.  So he agreed to start back into the bookshelf project.  
You might remember we dismantled our beautiful bookshelf to make room for a new tv, you know the big pretentious elephant in the room!  But after we made room and the tv was watchable, the project stopped.
There are a few more steps before I see it complete.
Like putting the top back on the bookshelf (its a big gaping hole now)... it was some much needed display space for our cool stuff.
And a shelf to help fill some of the gap at the top, and make up for that display space that was taken up by the new elephant.
And last but not least getting the elephant on the wall of space so the bottom of the bookshelf can actually be dusted under.  It's a logistical thing, but really important to me!

So off to Home Depot... Jacob's favorite store, but the strong silent mysterious man... well not so much!  If you need something specific you have to ask for directions, and well he doesn't like to ask for directions.

We made it out with one of the two shelves we needed.  
Don't ask about the second one... it will come  later, I hope.

Loaded it in our 280Z... doesn't everyone have a tiny sportscar to haul their lumber in?

And went to work!
If you can put two and two together you can see working over the top of said elephant with boards and drills and heavy things that could drop on it, you know it was another one of those projects that if you can get through it and stay married, you can do anything together!!
I am tempted to sign us up for the amazing race, ha ha ha!!

In the end, the next step of the bookshelf project was installed.

I pulled a few more things out of the boxes to fill in the space, here is a shot for the decorator :)
What do you think Mom?
It's getting there right?

I think another shelf to close up the hole accross the top and hang the tv up on the wall so the bottom shelf is cleared off and can be dusted and I will be happy with our "new elephant". 
Life and marriage, its allot of give and take and patience... 

and projects!

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