Sunday, March 11, 2012

"Grandpa Dayley" is in town...

Grandpa Dayley aka Dad is here from Arizona to ordain Jim into the office of a High Priest in our church.  (If you want to know more about this, just ask me :)  I would love to share more).
We have really enjoyed him being here, even for just a short visit.
And Taylor remembers him and has globbed onto him...
And pretty much won't let him leave her sight...

She camped outside his bedroom door, 
it was torture waiting all night to see him again.  Crazy dog.

We have had a fun time playing some games...

And discussing friends for the missionaries to share their good message with... oh and a game or two with them :)
I think they really like hearing about Jim's Dad serving in Korea, hey they are teenage boys, who wouldn't?

And this morning I witnessed such a very special ordination, it was really sweet.  Dad told us it was one of the very most important things he has done in his life, was ordain his son.
I know huh?  Get the tissue!

I have never been so proud to carry this family name. 
And the boys had a little down time.
I know Jim enjoyed having someone watch all his favorite shows on tv.  I was definitely out numbered, no chick flicks this weekend.

And we were super honored to have Grandpa turn over another block... only 78 more Sundays.

We really enjoyed this special time with Dad, he has been a beacon and an example for us to follow and we love him and Mom and treasure all that they teach us!
Thanks Mom and Dad, We love you!!

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