Sunday, January 2, 2011


What a good year!
I was very ambitious this year and picked my inspiration word as "fly"!  I just wanted to take off and do new things, become my very best me, and go above and beyond any of my own expectations.
I am not sure if I really ever got off the ground, but I know much of the vision for my life did!  It was a great running start and I am still running!  I will continue to "fly" (fully love yourself) in 2011 as I move forward.  It's always a work in progress right?

Memories to cherish from 2010
  • My strong silent mysterious man finished working at Arrow Rock Dam... long hours, long drives, hard work, lonely times at home without him.  But a job really well done, and appreciated and absence does make the heart grow fonder.
  • Skiing at Bogus Basin (we still "got it" after almost 20 years).
  • The teenager wants to pursue law enforcement as a career, happy he is interested in something so honorable, but not sure if I embrace my baby facing that kind of danger on a day to day.
  • The teenager continued to work on "palms" after his eagle until he turned 18... I am a really proud Mom.  He loves scouting, it served him well, and he will make a great scout leader one day.
  • Painting the inside of my pantry!  Thanks to my SIL for the idea, I have loved having that done.  But I hope it's more than a century before they will need any touch ups.
  • Shelves and a workbench in the garage.  The adventures of Project Man and Flashlight girl began and ended that weekend, but it will always be remembered as good times!
  • Reading the Book of Mormon in 30 days... I almost made it and then drug out the last for another 4 weeks.  Always a good read no matter how long it takes.
  • My new grill pan... still works great on the flat side, but I burn too many things on the grill side and it's hard to clean.  So pancakes and hashbrowns are a big hit.  I still yearn for something to grill on around here, maybe it will happen in 2011.
  • The teenagers last golf season of high school.  There is no greater LOVE for the game than he has.
  • Road trip to Seattle for my Dad's 80th birthday bash!
  • Senior Prom!
  • My strong Silent Mysterious Man turned 50 :)
  • The teenager graduation, and all that went with it... Family in town to share the fun,  "the Henry", open house luncheon, graduation cup cakes, celebration park bridge RE photo, trips to starbucks, alpacas, pomp and circumstance, the celebration slap.
  • Uncle Ralph comes to Idaho!
  • 18 year anniversary
  • Silver City
  • The teenager turns 18
  • Shooting guns.
  • Pioneer Handcart Trek
  • The teenager working full time at Riverside.
  • Doggie Daycare
  • Photography gigs, and my love of taking photos continues to increase.
  • The teenager goes to college.
  • The flower cupcakes
  • Campfires and Roasting starbursts
  • My niece Hailey goes on YouTube, seriously talented!
  • Making Pear Honey, you can close your eyes when you eat it and it feels like you are at grandmas house, YUM!
  • The annual St Lukes Womens fitness celebration girls weekend.
  • Recapturing Beauty challenge - I am Beautiful!!
  • Nephew Jack gets called to a mission in Brazil.
  • All the wonderful therapy sessions with Katie, my hair stylist, I could not live as I know it without her.
  • Girls out luncheons.
  • The teenagers friends begin to leave on missions.... one to Equador, others to Switzerland, Mexico City, Ireland and Minnesota.
  • Embracing being a hunters wife.
  • Going Private on my blog (again).
  • Dog adventures, everyday!  Puppy kisses, dog hugs and lovin... I couldn't live without them.
  • A fancy new car.  Goodbye Tahoe, you were loved!
  • The best visiting teaching experiences, thanks to my wonderful partner... here's to another great year ahead of us!
  • Ward and Elders Quorum parties.
  • Oakley comes for Christmas.
2011 It's gonna be a good time!



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