Saturday, December 6, 2008

Tip Off; 1st Group Date...

Friday night... Tip off... the teenagers first official group date!
The sweetest girl, with the cutest dimples, they are good friends at school, share seminary class, and she is in another ward in our Stake... so I know her from Young Women activities and camp!
The kids were so excited, but not more than me!

I wanted to go to the house they were all meeting at, to get the big group picture. There were like 5 couples going together. But the teenager forbid me to follow them around.

They went to dinner and a couple in our Stake made them Chinese food until they were stuffed! Then they landed at Boondocks to play miniature golf, go carts, batting cages, and games until way past my bedtime... they never even made it to the school dance.

From the report I got, they had a blast and everyone wants to go do it again sometime!

In the meantime, my strong silent mysterious man and I headed out for a date night... unfortunately we were both so tired, we ended up walking around in Costco, trying out the massage chairs...

and eating Grandma and Grandpa Dayleys famous $3 dinner out!

We tease them, for coming here for date night... I guess we have now turned the corner!

The good news, he got in the Christmas spirit and did some shopping for his family... which is HUGE I tell you! He doesn't shop, and if he happens to get bit by the Christmas spirit, it usually only happens late on Christmas Eve! So we got some things I can get it all in the mail before I leave town next week. Wow! HUGE!!! When they say it's the thought that counts, it really hits home with him... so much thought went into each purchase; I have not experienced this with him before... we discuss, and I carry out the mission. He isn't complicated, so when the gifts are received, it might not be too apparent. But I want his family to know, behind the scenes... lots of thoughtful love happened on this night!! And no you are not getting massage chairs!!!! (he's not that thoughtful).

Then we came home and he passed out... while I watched movies and waited up for the teenager to return home.


patsy said...

Wow- you have really peeked my interest here...? I love the costco date- I really do! It must be in the blood :)

I saw you called me yesterday, I was in the middle of a PTA thing. I haven't listened to the message yet... sorry I'll get on that.

The Royce's said...

Hey Beth! I love your blog, you are a pro!! One of my favorite pizzas is I'm craving it :0) Thanks for commenting on my blog, now I'll get to check up on you & your family too! kim

Beth said...

Patsy, I send you an email to explain the phone msg. I can't believe we are all dating at Costco!

Kim, I should have gotten the pizza... I love them way better than the dogs too! If you have ever looked up the nutritional chart you would die at even the healthy looking stuff... like the wraps and salads are enough calories to feed a 3rd world country! Fun to be blogger friends! Thanks for checking mine out and commenting, it will be fun!

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