Friday, December 30, 2011

Family Night (day) fun!

Yes, this is my Strong Silent Mysterious Man.
No, that is not his new shot gun.
Can you say paint gun wars?

We went out to the farm to see his BFF and maybe 
shoot the new shot gun. 
And ended up in the middle of some major paint gun fun.
First you gather and gear up.
Make teams and then head out to the creative make shift course.
There's strategy and sleek maneuvering involved.
 And then you conquer and and return and report. 
 There is no age limit.
Miss KimberJo-... can you say fearless? 

 No Rachel a ponytail is not required... but it sure is cute :)
I guess if you can lift it you can shoot it.

Thanks for sharing your passion Derek... now my Strong Silent Mysterious Man thinks he needs his own gun.... argh, argh, argh!

And after the war, it must be a requirement to stand around the fire and talk about your strategy and sleek or not so sleek maneuvering!

It seems the newest bride is not afraid to take down her man in short order.  I love a girl who can play with the boys and win.
So much fun!
We love you guys, and are so grateful for always including 
us in all your family fun :)
  Oh and if you can't seem to stay warm enough by the fire, 
you can always suck up the heat rising from the car motor through the hood vents...
And for some side entertainment... maybe there is a dog inside said warm hooded vehicle that you could stick your little Kitty Kat paw inside the slightly cracked window to tease and torment her!

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