Monday, December 26, 2011

2011 Christmas Morning...

Christmas morning.  We finally pass the "waking up with excited children at 4am baton".
We slept in until the dogs pestered us out of bed at 7:30am.
It was nice.
 Santa left a stocking for Jim with some guitar strings, guitar cleaner and his favorite caramel chocolates.
 And the dogs had a couple of stockings full of toys to share!
 They knew immediately they were for them.
 And took every single toy out to try them all out for play.
 And they played...
 And chewed....
 And ran...
 And played...

 Until we took them away... they would have kept playing all day!
 We had a couple of presents under the tree...
 My sis sent me some pearls that belonged to our grandfathers mom.
 Yep, I cried as I read how she wrote how much I was like her.  I remember her, she was a very gentle sweet grandmother.  What an honor to be told you are like someone you love.
Thanks Sis, those are really so special!
 Now one for you.... nice doo.
I see why he sticks to wearing hats all the time :)
 Lynn and Jerry always pick out the best cards.

 A new sweatshirt, yeah!
 It fits great.
 Silly gangsta...
 And one more...

 Pj's... perfect!  I needed some of these, they will come in handy in Jan.
 More playtime!!
 The Look...
It was a really nice fun, quiet Christmas morning.
Next we had some of the famous Blue Ribbon cinnamon and blueberry rolls... heavenly!!

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