Monday, July 9, 2012

4th of July 2012

We kind of failed at Independence Day this year, it was a bust.

We were planning to sneak off and go on an overnight camping trip Saturday.  We would have been home in time for church Sunday afternoon.  But we don't normally do that where it laps over onto Sundays.  We were all packed up and ready to leave, attended a baptism Saturday afternoon, then we were coming home and changing and leaving.  
I broke out with a horrible cold sore, and it was HOT, so hot outside.  We changed our clothes and decided not to go camping.  We cooked our camp food on the grill... aces on grilled foil burritos by the way! And stayed home.

As it turns out, Sunday we got a call from a lady Jim home teaches, and she needed a priesthood blessing.  He had tried to make contact with her for months and he was feeling like she was avoiding all of his attempts, seemingly not wanting a home teacher.  He had been discouraged and was giving up efforts.  But we both know the importance and impact reaching out and caring for someone, even when they may seem to NOT want you to, means.  Sh called, sort of out of the blue...  and was having surgery the next day and wanted her home teachers to come.  He was so thrilled she called!  All of their seemingly failed attempts, were not failed at all... when she needed her home teacher, she knew exactly how to reach him and she called.  Good thing we didn't go camping.  If I had to take the fall with a huge ol' cold sore to keep us home, well knowing what I know now, I am happy to take the fall.

So the weekend came and went, and Monday we were both working... by Wednesday, the actual holiday, it was a much needed day of rest for both of us.
I did make some Dr. Suess cookies for girls camp but left the photo in my other camera.  So I will post that if I have camp photos later.
We pretty much just rested and spend the day together. Nice.

I thought since we had such good rest and relaxation that we might go somewhere to enjoy the fireworks, but "we" (and by "we" I mean HE) decided to stay home with the dogs in case they got a little crazy from the big bangs outside (seriously some dogs go crazy, but ours are oblivious).  But just in case... we stayed home.
It was sad for me, holidays, all of them are super hard without Jacob!  There, I said it.  So hard.
We can see some good fireworks from our back porch, but when I had a few failed attempts at photos, I got frustrated and went inside. Uh yeah and pouted.

Then I just tried to remember what we celebrate, our countries independence!  There is nothing better than having that "proud to be an American" feeling in your heart!  I do love patriotism.
And with my sons feet not on American soil right now, it was a good time for me to reflect upon what it meant to me.
No worries, by the time the morning of the 5th came around, so did I.  Holidays are just hard with a missionary out.

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