Monday, July 9, 2012

Sleeping beauty in Seattle...

Road Trip!!
Well not really, I flew to Seattle to be with Mom for a few days.
It's just been hard for all of us since we lost my Dad in April.
I needed to see her and be with her!

Friday night I flew out, it felt like night... but then you lose an hour, and it was daylight forever!  
I kept seeing all these trails going over the mountains.  Are they roads, or like critter trails?  I have to ask my Strong Silent Mysterious man about them.  Just curious.

The lakes in the top of the mountains reminds me of the missionary.
Oh he loves to hike and camp.  This looked like a secret mountain get away he would aspire to find.
It was a super rough flight!
I was so sick by the time we landed, I thought I might not make it all the way from the gate... I felt horrible!!

 But then as I came out of security, I see the girls!
And Brooklynn had a Dora party hat waiting for me :)
It was so good to see them.  We made quite a scene going through the airport to the car. 

Once I thought I was going to have to give up my Dora hat, but I knew it would break Brooklynn's heart, so I had to leave a little blonde girl in our wake eyeing the hat with much adoration, with her Mamma explaining as we walked away "no they didn't give those hats out at the airport, they must have had a party dear".

The first view of the mountain as we left the airport.

Then back to Mom's for our much anticipated slumber party!!
We stayed up late watching "Alpha and Omega" eating popcorn, watermelon and cherries and then making up bedtime stories.
I think Brooklynn outlasted us all, she has 
slumber party endurance I tell you!
So fun, I am so glad I came, even for such a quick trip.

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