Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sunday in Seattle...

Sunday we got up and went to the 
Lutheran church with Lynn and Jerry.

 It was nice.   I was feeling closer to God thinking about those things that are most important in life and not so close to the things the world tells us are important.
It was a great day for one of the projects I came to do with my Mom, go through my Dad's closet and dresser.

It was a sweet time for us to remember him.
Some things were impossible to let go of, and some things we laughed that he had kept.

It was sacred time together.

Another step in our lives to keep moving forward and yet honoring him and all that he meant to us and all the memories we will have forever with him.

The missionary will love having one or two crazy vintage ties!

Lynn came across her tenor saxophone that had been stored for over 40 years we figured.  It still made some decent noise... unbelievable with that old reed.

We accomplished so much and felt so good about having part of a difficult project behind us.

Ralph and Panda invited me down to join them in opening the bee hives they started this year to see if it was close to time to harvest any honey.

Before we started I asked about "the rules".
There are always rules!  Remember "cookie day rules"?
So they explained...
1. Never stand in front of the opening to the hive, they fly in and out so fast, they might run into you and then you could get stung.
2.  Stay calm.  (got it!  no further explanation needed)
3. If you get stung... (what!!!! kind of negates rule number 2 doesn't it????) yeah!  IF YOU GET STUNG... say "ouch"and get out of there fast!!  When you are stung a feramone releases telling ALL the other bees you are a big bear preditor and it is like a call for all of them to come sting you to take you down.
So my montra for the rest of the day was "I am NOT a bear, I am NOT a bear" in a calm soothing voice.

Once I had gone over all the odds, and faced some of my own fears (after learning the bee suit is not to protect you from stings, what!!!?????)
I went in sceptical but with all the courage I could muster.

It was pretty interesting and kind of cool...

Not cool enough to go home and start a bee hobby of my own... 
but cool.

"I am not a bear, I am not a bear"

Okay way cool they build all that and load the honey 
into it and then cap it off.

The drones are bigger and have eyes on top of their heads.

The heaviest comb so far!!  Cool.

See the nectar?

Lots of honey, it was hard NOT to feel like Pooh Bear and stick my hand in the hive.... to grab some honey, 
but it wasn't ready for harvest.
Thanks Ralph, fun times with the bee's!!

Then we went back to Mom's house and Lynn had made a turkey lasagna and salad.  I am eating so much healthier, I already feel better.  No pictures at dinner, but Mom had brought home from SC some of Aunt Alices cookbooks and we sat around the table reading recipes and laughing together with Lynn, Jerry, Ralph, Panda and me and Mom. 

A good time was had by all!

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