Friday, July 13, 2012

Monday in Seattle...

Mom and I got up and went to her bank, which is right across from "The Best Mexican food in Kent" according to their new sign!!  I wonder how you "get" that sign? At least its true for them.
Mexico Lindo's is my Strong Silent Mysterious Mans favorite place to eat!!

Then we headed out to run our errands with Lynn.

We got to see some of her new apartments they are building in Columbia City.

The outside tour.

And then through town... the cutest town... even if it was only 2 blocks.
So cute.

Some place that became famous after President Obama ate pizza there when he was in town.

Even a cute funeral home.

I didn't get photos but we were in Columbia City to drop off my Dad's clothing to a mens shelter. 
They were so gentle and kind and so perfect dealing with his things. 
It was such a good experience!  We were so happy we took them there.

Leaving town we had to do one of the elevated freeway on ramps... not for the squeemish!!

My Sister is training to be a weight watcher leader.  I am so proud of her!
Since we are all back on track we had her give one of the power start presentations.
She will be a great motivator and leader.
It will be allot of pressure to keep her weight in control, when her job depends on it.  But I know it will keep her in a healthy lifestyle she really is meant to live.

We went back to Mom's and finished organizing the empty side of the closet and cleaned up her things.

When Lynn went missing from the work, it was because she was SHOE SHOPPING!!

She found these that fit her perfect. They were my grandmothers from way back when.

While Mom slaved away going through and cleaning out.
She did great, and yes we finally let her out of the chair and the closet was finished.

Then we went to Lynn's house for dinner with my nephew and his family and "the girls" Liz and Cheryl.

These are off of the climbing clamatis Lynn got from my brothers yard when he moved.
I told her she can't show him these flowers or he might take the plant back.
So beautiful!

Jerad and Kim and Brooklynn.

The Girls!
I really good time was had by all!!
Thanks Lynn, it was so much fun!!

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