Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Saturday in Seattle...

Saturday morning, up early and out for a ww meeting.
 Lynn looks and feels so good, she has been so successful with weight watchers.  She inspires me and I am so proud of her!
A new milestone, Brooklynn can zip up her sweater all by herself now.  It's a tricky zipper with a big learning curve. Yay!

Back to Nene's house to leave some art work on the sidewalk!

Then to the market to see Ralph and Panda (and shop)!

Her tie dye is amazing and so beautiful.
I heard someone talking about a custom order for their Denver Bronco colors.... I think my Strong Silent Mysterious man and I might have to have some matching Boise Bronco tie dye for football season!!!!

The market was so fun, and even had play toys at the park in the center... so we had to blow off some steam there.

Wait, I didn't get a good shot yet, go again!

One more time, I don't think you were smiling in that one!


Then we ran off to meet "the girls" for lunch at BRANKS BBQ!!!!
I totally forgot to take pictures. Darn.

Back at the ranch, Lynn was catching us up on what was taught at the ww meeting.

We went back to the market to pick up a rose bush Lynn bought and very carefully picked out from one of the vendors, and when we got there he was trying to give us an ugly pink bush, which was clearly NOT what we picked out just a few hours before.  So he was gracious and gave her the money back.  But she left without a rose bush :(

Then Mom and Lynn and I went up the hill from Puyallup to South Hill and found "Charming Charlies"... Oh my.  It is an accessory store with all kinds of jewelry, and watches and belts and shoes and earings and bracelets... and they are displayed around the store by color!!  It was allot of stuff to look through... I was kind on sensory overload.  But it was so fun!  I am really glad they are not in Idaho!

I really didn't "do" anything all day, but I was sooo tired that night.
Slept like a baby :)

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