Thursday, July 5, 2012

I could NOT make this up... chicken play day!

I got an email from our local farm supply where we buy our dog food.  It is no ordinary commercial farm supply place, I think it's family owned so they always have some extra special things for the customers.
They often have pet photo contests, 
and we really enjoy seeing the winning pet photos!
And they have a "fat fuzzy lazy" cat named Blue that hangs around the place, and welcomes customers.
He is like the "roaming gnome" and one day he might be on the dog food bags sleeping, and the next week on the shelf above the chicks and peeps for sale.  You never know where Blue will be, but he is always ready for some lovin' when you come in.  So we seek him out and give him a few rubs to aggitate the dogs with kitty kat smell when we get back in the car, he he he.
So when I got this email, I thought it was so cute... then I laughed and then as I keep running accross it in my in box (I have no idea why I kept it), I just find it hysterically funny!!
Chicken play day... chicken jeopardy... 
chicken poop lip balm... omg so funny!!!
I swear I could not make this up!!

Join us for our 3rd Annual
Chicken Play Day   
 Saturday July 14, 2012.
Open to poultry fanciers of all ages.    
Bring your favorite bird to show off or just watch.
Practice Show for fair.     4-H kids present and show their birds.

Then we'll play Jackie's version of 
Chicken Jeopardy!
Learn about chickens from the contestants or test your knowledge and enter the game. 
Anyone can play!
Request practice questions from

Show Registration begins at 8am   Show starts 8:30am.
Pre-registration is preferred but not required.   Please RSVP by Friday July 13, 2012
208-585-6331     208-585-6462- fax

Feeling Lucky????  Play Chicken Poop Jackpot.
$2.00 a number.  16 numbers/board.   Winner takes all.
2 boards, one at 10am and one at Noon on Saturday July 14, 2012.
Pick your numbers anytime between now and when the chicken is put on the board.

Chicken Play Day Early Bird Specials 7/14/12 8am-noon only
10% off Chicken Feed
20% off Chicken supplies
Chicken Poop Lip Balm $1.99

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