Saturday, September 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom...

Today is my Mom's 72nd birthday! I love my Mom for all the patience she musters up!
She can be so patient with my Dad, even when he works so hard to ruffle your feathers (his favorite pastime)... if I had to live with him, I would blow up on him for pushing my buttons all the time. But Mom doesn't, she is quiet and patient (although she may be blowing up on the inside, she doesn't show it on the outside).

I love my Mom for her faith!
She loves God and His grace in her life.
She shows gratitude in all HE does and has in store for her and recognizes Him and gives Him the glory, she never takes it for herself!
I love how beautifully my Mom transitioned into a Mom of adults!
She doesn't get into the middle of our marriages, but still loves us enough to share her advice when we ask (how hard is that when your children are making stupid moves to keep your mouth shut and just love them because they are adults and have to make their own stupid moves to learn and grow).
I love her courage to let us make our own mistakes, and be there for us when we fall.
I love her unconditional love! She loves everyone we bring into our family. Marriages, friends, grand dogs. Her unconditional love spreads very far and wide.
I remember one time we were meeting some friends at a Mariners game while staying at her house... she packed up goodies for their son who is Jacob's age for us to take to him. And fell in love with the kid without ever meeting him. She still asks about him and would take him in like a grandchild just through our love for him.. and she has never ever met him still. We have to bring her to meet this kid one day, he really has another grandma he never knew he had :)

I love how my Mom sees the beauty in everything!
And how she taught us, "when life gives you lemons, to make lemonade!" She is cheerful and has a beautiful smile, she loves to laugh, and play and have fun.
She will break into a little dance at any given moment, and always has a song in her heart (and will break out in song upon request too). Oh and by the way, when I was a teenager growing up, despised all of these qualities... especially the singing and dancing at wee hours upon dawn breaking! Not how a teenager wants to be woken up! I am so grateful that I can love and appreciate these things about her now... I would have totally missed out had I kept my head in the sand.
I love you Mom!
I hope you have a beautiful wonderful birthday!!
P.S. go look in the top of the closet in my old bedroom for an orange bag for your birthday sursee!! I hope you like it!!


Panda said...

Happy birthday Mom!!!
Beth what a wonderful tribute to mom. I love how you can celebrate all the good things in people!

Beth said...

Awww, thanks. She's an easy mark!

Della said...

Beth, I LOVE the beautiful apron you made for me. It is so special that you arranged a surprise for me when you were here. I barely get things done on time much less a month ahead! That is quite a wonderful attribute!!

With much love thank you for being you!

Lindsey said...

Wonderful post.... sounds like a wonderful woman! I lover her response, thank you for being you... made me cry! Your a lucky girl Beth!

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