Thursday, September 10, 2009

Days are flying by me....

I was loving the change over from summer schedule to fall, but I have to say I am not quite in the groove yet and it is kicking my butt.
Since Saturday.... The boys had a super fun time at the annual golf tournament... I think they played well; but I am not a good listener remember... so I have no idea on scores or placement of their team.
I did pick up on all the great food they had.

There was roast pork for bbq pork shredded sammies that they were raving about. You can't see it very well, but the pig has one of the employees names seered on his rump... at least they always have a good time together. Like one big happy boy family. With boy jokes. And boy humor.
Then Jim took off when they got home to go bow hunting... at first when he was asking me about getting to go, it was a quick over nighter. Not even packing in much food, just a quick trip.
Then as he was leaving and packing up all this gear and food supplies, he says to me... "don't worry if we are not back in the morning... don't call out search and rescue, because if we are on some elk we will just stay". I recognized the bait and switch right away! So with the labor day holiday weekend ahead I just planned for a long weekend without him.

He brought back pictures... even self portraits! Have I taught him well or what?

He didn't bring back any elk, but in this meadow (an unlikely place)... he found these...

two really cool arrowheads! Actually the white one is a knife of some sort, and the black obsidian is an arrowhead. This just totally made his trip!

He made it back home about midnight on Sunday night.
So the day off he promised he would spend with me on Monday (since he had been off playing the rest of the weekend) were pretty much spent catching up on sleep and rest.
I tried to keep busy and did some scrap booking. But it wasn't a very productive weekend for me.
We did get a really fun surprise phone call from his sister driving through on their way home to Washington... so we met them over at the freeway for hugs!

Our niece and her husband and son were with them... we hadn't seen them for a long time, so it was really cool! They are adorable!!
Wait, Ukiah... smile!
There you go!!! That's it!!!
So fun to see them... thanks for calling Johnna, it really meant so much!!!!
Tuesday it was back to the work routine... I had meetings and lots of work out of the house. So the pups were majorly neglected and were super needy Tuesday evening when we all came home.

Next it was catch up laundry and get the strong silent mysterious man packed for a work trip. He left Wednesday for a really long trip this time... so it's just me and the teenager. Things are different when Dad's not around... he pushes my buttons more; but we also have a special bond that we get along better somehow too. It's all weird, I think of where we have come from and I am sure that influences our gratitude for our family unit. Our prayers are different, and our phone calls with him are full of sharing special moments in the day and I love you's!
I guess what they say about absence makes the heart grow stronger is very true.
Then just so I wouldn't get in a rut while Jim was out of town... someone decided to perform some fraudulent activity using our bank account and wiped out our checking and savings... so I got to spend my day dealing with that mess yesterday. Luckily, we caught it really quickly and they didn't get the money all the way transferred into their account, only out of ours... so it will take several days to get it back. In the meantime, we have to change and move everything, and jump through all the hoops to get it fixed, and then just wait for our money which is sitting out in nowhere land to transfer back into our accounts. Mean people suck!
So that is pretty much my week in review so far... whew! My days are just flying by!


Megan said...

I'm so glad you got to see the Gilson's! I can't believe how big Ukiah is...
That pig picture is something else! Wow!

Melody said...

I cant believe that happened to your account! No way! So glad you cought it before it was long gone! How on earth....
People never cease to amaze me...:)
Keep smiling! I love you! Thanks for all your encouragement!

Panda said...

OH MY!!! someone got your money out of YOUR account???
Mean people really suck.
Glad you caught it and it is going to be taken care of :)

Kristi M. said...

I am so sorry about that bank stuff. that stinks big time and what a waste of your time trying to fix it. We have friends in our ward that had the same thing happen to them, thankfully it got fixed, but it too took a few days. It can really put you in a bind. Hopefully it passes quickly. Love the luau pig picture.

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