Friday, September 4, 2009

Teenagers... trauma or tranquillity?

I am trying to avoid freaking out that my baby is a senior this year... so far so good! No meltdowns yet!
But this morning walking with my bff... we talked about her oldest leaving for college this weekend. She is ready, but neither of us can believe it is here! sniff sniff, tears.
Then her next oldest comes driving out headed for school... she has her license, when did that happen?

And she has a sister right behind her who is growing up way too fast too.... then 5 more behind her, in case I need more trauma in the future.

I guess the good news for me is I don't have to keep experiencing this trauma over and over again. One traumatic teenage phase is quite enough for me. Except living it vicariously through her. You gotta love teenagers!

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