Saturday, September 5, 2009

Annual Company Golf Tournament...

630am and the boys are off to the Annual Company Golf Tournament!

They are both excited.... but nobody could be more excited about it than Jacob.
He was up earlier than I could even read the clock.
Early to bed, early to rise is really working for him.
He had his golf outfit all planned the night before, and made time to dress his Dad this morning.
He said "Dad, you need to "represent" today!"
Too funny! For Jacob, half the head game of golf is "you gotta look good out there... Tiger never shows up shlumpy!" I have been listening to the smack talk for about two weeks now, so I will be glad for that to be over.
Which leaves me at home to do my workout and then clean, clean, clean, can tomatoes, wash the dogs, paint, and maybe scrapbook or make some cards.


Donna Lynn said...

Was that a picture you made of Mom and I in Boise this time last year? I was trying to figure out how I got my hair to look like that or when it did and then I saw the Capitol building in the background. aha!

You write so beautifully and everything you said is so true. We do have a great mom!

Donna Lynn said...

How did they do?

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