Thursday, December 16, 2010

Packages; a few of my favorite things...

Last week we got a package in the mail from Santa and Mrs Claus? It was suspiciously like a hint to go somewhere specific for Christmas, but after some research and still not knowing who is behind it, and trying to make some plans we came to the conclusion that we had to stick to our original plans to stay home in Idaho for Christmas.

I have cried (overwhelming tears of joy), pondered, and researched all my options since getting this amazing gift. And decided we could really use it over the next 6 months to try and get the teenager to see as much family as possible before he goes anywhere on a mission. What a gift, what a beautiful unselfish gift to give it with no strings or expectations of how we should use it. Thank you Santa, where ever you are!! We are soooo very grateful for this gift, it will be a wonderful blessing in the months to come.

I know I opened the last one before Christmas, but to be fair... I didn't know who it was from (it just said Southwest Air on it) and had no idea it was for Christmas.
Jim on the other hand, knew a pkg from his Mom and Dad at this time of year would be for Christmas... but he couldn't wait. And since they will be on a cruise at Christmas time and he won't be able to call and talk to them... he opened it early!

Sweet!! A beautiful new white shirt and red plaid tie!!!
I will get a better picture of it with him wearing it. Mom, he loves it and it is soooo beautiful!! Great job picking out something for this guy... he is really hard to buy for.

AND you should get another "Christmas" call before you leave on your trip... what a gift, two calls from your son in the same month! He is so funny!

The teenager is trying to claim that tie will be going on his mission with him, but as much as Jim liked it, he won't be letting it out of his sight while the packing is going on.
I managed to spend half the day getting some packages ready to go in the mail... good thing I am keeping it really simple this year, or I might have lost a day.
Wow! I am amazed at how much time I can use up.
But the good news is, you don't have to worry about opening any packages from us early... I just hope they get there in time for Christmas.
We got the cutest package to put under our tree; because I love surprises and think the restraint is worth it... otherwise the boys would have ripped it open last night.
I was secretly hoping it WAS a box of skinny cows (love those things), but I am not holding out any hope. We are really excited for Christmas, hurry Santa hurry!!

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