Friday, December 17, 2010

It is more blessed to give than to receive...

I had done this particular activity with the laurel class last year, and it turned out to be one of our favorite ones. So when we got bumped from another service activity, it fit perfectly for this month.
Freezer meals! We give, which is far better, but we receive too :)
Kind of our own version of meals on wheels :)
The girls learn about how to plan and make ahead meals... this is such a gift for them (the receiving part). I wish I had known how to do this at their age. Great to know for college, to have meals put aside for finals week, so instead of stressing and not eating well... at least you can still have a nice hot yummy meal but not have to put in the time or effort, just bake it.
Or when they are new Mom's and going to have a baby and don't feel like cooking, just plan ahead and stash some of these in your freezer for those NO COOK nights. Or right after a baby. Or to pay it forward to a friend in need. Or for when you are sick. SOOOOO many applications. I am not even sure I have enough room in my freezer for all the nights I just don't want to cook. So great thing to learn.
And the real beauty of this activity was that we made a batch of zesty cream cheese chicken, and a batch of beef, bean and cheese enchiladas and were able to take them to some ladies in our ward who are in just exactly some of those situations.
What was so awesome this time, was that these amazing young women talked and shared things with each other that they still work on in their own "personal progress" (even though most of them have completed the official program), like what they make and keep in their hope chests and how they store it, and what kinds of things they hope to have for their future homes, and what they are doing now to begin to prepare for that.
It was a wonderful interaction, and I couldn't have planned that! They are sooo amazing and I learn from them much more than they teach me, ALL THE TIME!!
It's the best calling in the church, exhausting, but still the BEST!!!

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Kristi M. said...

What a great activity. I wish that I thought of that when I was a leader in YW's.

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