Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Mans best friend...

I saw this guy the other day walking his owner to Walgreens. I am sure he gets to go anywhere he wants! He was much bigger than it could ever show through the lens.
Can you tell I was sitting and watching him for a while in my car, thinking about how quick I might be able to go load him up in my car and take off without the owner inside seeing me? I am repenting and really don't want to be known for the time in my life I was in prison for dog napping. But, Oh how I LOVE Great Danes! This was a true temptation for me.
I can't even fathom leaving a dog tied up to a post outside of a store in my own puppy parenting (partly because I am certain mine would not stay where I put them like he is). But I guess in Idaho it's acceptable???

Later I saw this little guy who managed to get his owner into Petco to do his Christmas shopping.

It was hilarious! At first he watched very intensely as she stood there and studying the items on the shelf. Then he wagged his tail, trying to get her attention, to no avail. Next he barked, and he did not let up until she finally grabbed something and put it in the cart. I was trying to watch from the aisle behind her and not get spotted taking photos.
Again, not cool to be in jail at Christmas time for stalking pet owners.
But I have to agree, she was taking forever, and he already KNEW what he wanted. And it wasn't one of those "stuffless rag animals" she was looking at... a human definitely came up with that one, that's no fun at all... any dog knows half the fun is pulling the stuffing out yourself!
She just wouldn't listen or pay any attention to him.
I did have some thoughts of brisking by and pushing him and the cart right out of the store... certain I could spoil him better than that. If she would have had her purse on her shoulder, I might have been tempted to follow through on that thought too, but purse napping, definitely not worth it.

I might have a problem.


Panda said...

so glad we don't have to go bail you out of jail *giggle*

HeidiT said...

I had the same thought the other day about the "stuffless" toy. What fun is that? The joy for Hurley is to spread the stuffing joy all over my house for days on end until we finally decide enough is enough and throw it away!
Thank you for sending over the meals today and please tell the girls thanks too!! I started back at work this week and as you can see I get to spend quality time up at 2AM -- so they probably won't spend much time in the freezer and will be enjoyed by a tired mommy and daddy :)

Kristi M. said...

My cousin has a Great Dane and I thought my golden was huge.

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