Friday, December 17, 2010

The new sleigh...

I am not sure if I should even journal this... partly for fear of what I might say that I would regret reading later; and partly because my strong silent mysterious man just might happen on it one day and I wouldn't want him to think I wasn't grateful. But here goes...
We got a new "sleigh". It is beautiful, new, so nice, great to drive, and I look cute in it.
But did I mention it was new? Well because my strong silent mysterious man has become not so silent about where this baby should be driven, and how and where and where NOT, let's just say, it is still very new, and he has allot to say about keeping it that way! (which I do not blame him at all... it's just been allot of drama... or trauma as I endearingly refer to it around our house).
I am so grateful to have a new car (major questioning doubts about whether I deserve it), but I am saying outloud "NEW cars are very over rated"! Instead of being happy and proud to drive it, I am a nervous wreck, for fear of being the first one to put a scratch or dent on it (I will probably run away before I have to tell Jim something happened to this car... you can keep these notes for the police report). I don't want to be seen in it; for fear of what people will think (in a down turned economy, but that is partly why we could afford it...); and I just don't want any attention brought to myself, and this baby in Caldwell Idaho brings a fair amount of attention. Even though it is not the really fast beefy model, it's pretty plain and low key in comparison to what we saw and test drove (and drooled over)... but not in comparison to the old Ford pick ups, or family suburban's around here. Obviously it is not the perfect snow vehicle either... unless you consider a snow vehicle one that you can have in your driveway to write love notes to your spouse on when it snows :)
So for many of all of those reasons and more, it sat and I drove the ol' faithful Tahoe for the past month and a half.
Until we got the emissions notice in the mail, and Jim did some research on the Tahoe to see what it would cost us to get it to pass emissions. It meant spending some $$$
for things that were not required to make it run, just fluff stuff that made no sense to me why we would potentially spend sooo much money to do, for no apparent reason (well other than they would not pass inspection and therefore not license it, so we couldn't drive it... yeah other than that little detail).

So when a co-worker (who lives where they don't do emissions) made a really good offer on it, Jim talked to me and "we" decided to sell it (just kidding, I am being sarcastic, I totally agreed too). I loved our Tahoe and will miss it very much! And I have good reports back from the family that bought it, that they are LOVING it too! There is some comfort in that for me. I KNOW we should not get attached to just a car, but....
So now, I am one of those crazy people who sit in front of the news and pray that it will NOT snow! I can't believe I am one of those people, I love the snow!! I will just be totally trapped at home if it snows... so I am kind of living in a fear bubble until spring thaw.
Good thing, after all this car drama, I had a great therapy session with Kate yesterday!
I love Kate, she listens to me, lets me vent and makes it all better!

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Kristi M. said...

This made me laugh. My parent's bought a brand new car when I was in high school and also felt that it was over rated as well. It also killed them to think of the immediate depreciation on the thing. The new car smell I think that I could handle though. I totally get the emmissions thing. Our car needed an oxygen sensor fixed just to pass the emmissions. It never affected the car for the 4 years it was like that but it would not pass emmissions without the fix. After $450 later (plus $30 for the tests) I was ticked that we had to go through that. I did learn however that you can go through 2 late notices before they do anything about it. Cars can be so frustrating.

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